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Abhishekam: Turmeric

Abhishekam: Turmeric

An abhishekam is the holy bath given to a deity. This is the sacred hydration ceremony performed for inviting divine energies into our lives. It is a simple but highly effective purification process. We perform such rituals to the deities, who themselves are the embodiments of purity, only because this remains the most practical means of purifying our own souls. Normally in the case of abhishekams with liquids like water, milk, etc.,
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Abhishekam : Turmeric

What is the Turmeric Abishekam?

Turmeric Abishekam

One of the processes of offering worship to God is through ritual. Abishekam is a sacred hydration process of bathing the deity with sacred elements and chanting mantras that create a positive vibration and release divine energies around you. This ritual bestows you with immense benefits and blessings.

Why does Turmeric Hold Great Significance?

Turmeric is considered extremely auspicious in Indian rituals and ceremonies. Turmeric holds a lot of religious and cultural importance. It is extensively used in all auspicious events too.

It symbolizes purity, prosperity, fertility and holds a spiritual connection with mother earth. Turmeric is also associated with auspiciousness and abundance.

Why You Should Perform the Turmeric Abishekam

In Kerala's traditional style of worship, Goddess Bhagavati is Sakthi, vital supreme energy. She is the female aspect of the divine. The energy of the Goddess can dissolve and create the universe.  She is the symbol of purity, fertility, and abundance.

Goddess Bhagavati is invoked in this Turmeric Abishekam. In this worship method, turmeric paste is applied ceremonially over the idol of Goddess Bhagavati, and Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) is performed, followed by a pooja.

Benefits of Turmeric Abishekam

The Mother Goddess Bhagavati is bountiful and showers her blessings on you. According to traditional belief, performing this ritual can bestow the following blessings:

  • Help to find a cure for any prevailing illness and enjoy good health
  • Be blessed with abundance and good fortune
  • Grant wealth and prosperity
  • Spiritual and physical healing


*Any ritual offered with reverence can positively change your life.

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