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Abhishekam: 11 Kudam Water

Abhishekam: 11 Kudam Water

An abhishekam is the holy bath given to a deity. This is the sacred hydration ceremony performed for inviting divine energies into our lives. It is a simple but highly effective purification process. Such a ritual is performed to the deities, who themselves are the embodiments of purity, only because this remains the most practical means of purifying our own souls.
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Abhishekam : 11 Kudam Water

What is an abishekam (hydration ceremony)?

Abishekam – 11 Kudam Water

In India, we offer worship in various forms. One of them is Abishekam, a hydration ceremony performed by pouring holy water and other sacred elements on the deity for cleansing. The chanting of sacred mantras that accompanies this ritual can surround you with positive vibrations and invoke the deity's divine energies and purify you.

Spiritual Significance of Water

Water is a sacred element across religions and is a fundamental component of the Pancha Bhootas (five elements). It is associated with spiritual and physical wellbeing by attaining purity. Water is considered sacred, as in temple tanks, where the holy tanks are believed to contain water that has purifying and cleansing powers. Rivers are considered sacred as it is propitiated as River Goddess.

How the 11-Pot Water Abishekam Works for You

Water has been an element of worship for centuries, for it washes away impurities and cleanses. A vital element of life, water is held in reverence.

This Hydration ceremony is performed by pouring water gently on the Shiva Lingam from 11 pots, one after the other, amidst the ritualistic chanting of sacred hymns. Shiva is the Supreme Being of consciousness. He is timeless and formless. The presiding deity of this ritual, Shiva, is worshiped with the powerful Sri Rudram chant that has eleven sections of great significance and is performed with 11 pots of holy water. The chanting and hydration ritual is believed to cleanse your mind and elevate you to higher consciousness.

Benefits of 11 Kudam (Pot) Water Abishekam

As per traditional practices and beliefs, Shiva is benevolent and can bestow generous blessings when prayers are offered with dedication.

  • Enjoy prosperity and overall wellbeing
  • Free your mind from negative energy
  • Eliminate worries and problems
  • Bestow good health
  • Fulfill material desires
  • Cleanse your bad karma

*Any ritual offered with reverence can positively change your life.

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