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Agora Veerabhadra Fire Lab (Homa For Relief From Negativity)

Agora Veerabhadra Fire Lab (Homa For Relief From Negativity)

Agora Veerabhadra Homa (Fire Lab for Destroying Negativity)
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Agora Veerabhadra Fire Lab (Homa For Relief From Negativity)


Agora Veerabhadra

Agora Veerabhadra is a fierce and powerful form of Lord Shiva. He is the supreme entity who protects and nurtures the universe and all of the creations. Agora Veerabhadra is the master of action and the destroyer of negativity and ignorance. Invoking him in the sacred fire ceremony can bestow the devotee with protection from evil forces, confidence and courage, and the power to adhere to the path of righteousness.

Make the best use of the opportunity to tap into the immense power of Lord Shiva by conducting the Agora Veerabhadra Homa.

Legend of Agora Veerabhadra

The ancient sacred Hindu text ‘Vayu Purana’ states that Archetype Agora Veerabhadra was conceived from the wrath of Lord Shiva to abort the yagna (fire sacrifice) of Daskha, his father-in-law. Daksha invited all the Gods to the ceremony except Lord Shiva, as he did not approve of his marriage to his daughter. However, Goddess Sati attended the ceremony out of respect for her father. When she arrived at her maternal home, Daksha openly insulted Lord Shiva. Unable to bear her father’s taunts, Sati immolated herself in the sacrificial fire.

To avenge the death of Goddess Sati, Agora Veerabhadra sprang forth from the fury of Lord Shiva and set out with his army to destroy Daksha and his yagna. In the battle that ensued, Daksha was beheaded. However, Veerabhadra replaced his head with that of a goat upon being beseeched by Daksha’s wife.

Purpose of Agora Veerabhadra Homa

Agora Veerabhadra Homa is a powerful fire lab to propitiate Lord Shiva, the ultimate preserver, protector and destroyer of the universe. Paying tribute to this particular form of Lord signifies the suppression of negativity, hatred, and anger. The energy from the Agora Veeradhadra fire lab can bestow us with the courage and strength to overcome our enemies and emerge triumphant over evil forces.

Performing this highly powerful homa can give us the courage and determination to face our problems and emerge triumphantly.


According to the scriptures, performing Agora Veerabhadra homa can invoke the following blessings:


According to the scriptures, performing Nava Narasimha homa can invoke the following blessings:

  • Vanquish negative forces
  • Infuse courage and determination
  • Protect from enemies and evil eye
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Divine protection
  • Usher in auspiciousness into your life
  • Increase positivity
What will I receive?

You will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the homa and Vibhuti (sacred ash) blessed in the ritual. You can keep it in the meditation altar and duly apply it on the forehead as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.

Prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu within a week after the entire set of rituals is performed. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for international delivery.

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