Education Remedial Trip General Package (Luxury)

Education Remedial Trip General Package (Luxury)

Education Remedial Trip General Package Luxury)
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We regret to inform you that due to the imposition of new lockdown measures in different countries and restricted international flights operation, we are unable to ship Prasad at this time.

All of us would have education goals for ourselves or for our children. In today’s world, everyone aspires to peruse higher studies and to study overseas. Scoring high marks and getting a degree from a reputed university are mandatory for shining in the academic arena and to land in a god job. As good education system and teachers can help hone your academic skills, the placement of planet in your birth chart should favor you to receive higher education and retain what you had learnt. At times, despite preparing well for the examinations, you may not be able to score good marks. This could be due to the bad positioning of the planets in your birth chart or due to the effects of your Dasa or Bhukti periods. In order to help you pacify these planetary influences on your education, AstroVed has put together a powerful 3-day spiritual trip package to visit a list of hand-selected ancient temples across Tamil Nadu.

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