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How does KP Astrology Work?

KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) Astrology was developed by K.S Krishnamoorthy, a renowned astrologer who studied numerous astrology methods and eventually derived this system. This modernized form of Vedic astrology combines elements of Vedic and Western astrology and is based on a stellar prediction system.

A fundamental facet of KP Astrology is the significance of Stars or Nakshatras and the combined influence of the cusp, its star lord and sub lord, which gives a fairly accurate indication of the promise of an event, the results of an event, and the quality of an event. Timing is another critical factor that is considered in this system. The time when you face a challenge in life is a vital component used to interpret the event’s outcome.

KP astrology considers four orders to arrive at an accurate analysis of an event or determine a future prediction of an event. They are:

  • First order – represents the cuspal division of the planets based on the Placidus system of Western astrology.
  • Second order- denotes the stellar level of planet position taken for prediction.
  • Third order- comprises the sub-level of the planet, representing the deciding authority. It’s the result of the interplay between the position of the star and the planet.
  • Fourth order- considers the star lord of the sub of the planet.

In addition to the above-mentioned, KP astrology also considers the aspects of the planets, particularly the Square and Trine aspects from Western astrology, which can reveal a more comprehensive picture of your life. With the KP astrology system, you can identify problems, determine the causes, remedy them at the right time, and gain insight into future predictions and significant life events.

What to Expect During This Astrology Consultation Online

  • Birth Time Rectification which can predict the exact time of your birth and remedy the astrological implications on your life
  • Recognizing problems in natal and horary birth chart and suggestions to alleviate them
  • Critical Assessment of Events in a KP Birth Chart to identify trials and provide remedies to help lead a more successful and fulfilling life
  • Interpreting influences of helpful and detrimental houses in your horoscope
  • Identifying and appealing to fruitful significators

About Our Expert- Mr. TKP Ghopal

Mr. Ghopal is an expert astrologer with over 25 years of experience in Astrology. While serving in the Indian Armed Forces, he took an interest in learning about Astrology, which led him to take it up as a profession. He honed his skills in one particular system of Astrology known as KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) Astrology. Even as a novice astrologer, Mr. Ghopal was blessed with high accuracy in the predictive science of KP astrology. He is especially skilled in Birth Time Rectification (BTR). The wealth of knowledge and experience Mr. Ghopal has gathered throughout his years of practice has helped countless individuals overcome hardships in their career, business, litigation, money, marriage, relationship, children, and health.

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