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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

    Thank you much appreciated

    Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

    That's really great service! It was a big Homa with great effect! Thank you a lot!

    Lakshmi Pooja

    Reliable poojas that are done under dattreyas expert astroved ashram. Thank you

    Sun Pooja

    Thank you for this wonderful conne cvtion to surya the sun . Jai surya

    Invite Money Blessings Program: Group Participation

    It must be my 30th firelab, and it's amazing how it instantly popped into my consciousness that all my work will generate pay. I did not have it in my mind and sometimes I even had embarrassment to charge for some service. Highly recommended. Thank you so much astroved for transforming my life.

    Nava Narasimha Homa Series One Time Participation Package (5th Form of Narasimha)

    Really helps in getting protection from lord Narsimha

    Elite Mars Rahu In Gemini 2019

    Got the Mars Rahu pooja and Sharaba pooja done. I hope it helped me in overcoming negative effects. Thanks to Astroved. I received the homa ash and kumkuma.

    Archana: Karuka Mala

    Wonderful way to connecg with ganesh ty

    Enhanced Mars Rahu In Gemini 2019

    Really helps in bursting negativity.

    Essential Mars Rahu In Gemini 2019

    So grateful to invoke the blessings of protection Archetype Sharaba during the 15 Days of Mars-Rahu combination in Mercury-ruled Gemini to avoid uncertainties and curb negativity. Felt very drawn within during this FireLab.