Fire Lab, Hydration Ritual and Archana to Jupiter and Dakshinamurthy - Live Stream Video

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The Live Stream Video of the Grand 5 Priest Fire Lab will be available from 10:45 PM, IST on May 28th.  It is going to give you tremendous amount of help in general for everyone. This Jupiter transit will calm down the negative effects of Saturn and Rahu in Libra and it will bring some relief to the present chaos in the world. Propitiate Jupiter and Dakshinamurthy by participating in the rituals and receive their Blessings.
6 Pradoshams - 3 months/2 per month

6 Pradoshams - 3 months/2 per month

Karma, Pradosham and Saturn: The Inextricable Link Pradosham literally means Removal of Sins. Pradosham times are the windows of opportunity to remove karma or karmic energies that limit our potential in this current life. It is the time that Shiva absorbs the karma from people. The twilight, pradosham, marks the end of the day light and beginning of night. Day is ruled by Gods, angels and saints while night is ruled by evil spirits.

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Group Fire Lab and Pooja to Lord Jupiter on Purvabhadrapada Star

The planet Jupiter plays a very important role in your life. When he moves into a planet, the energies and gifts given by Jupiter will only be repeated 12 years from now. Purvabhadrapada is ruled by Jupiter and brings a very special Grace and Good Fortune to those born in the star of Purvabhadrapada. Take advantage of this extremely favorable positioning of Jupiter in your horoscope. Participate in the group rituals to Lord Jupiter and receive His Blessings.

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