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DNA Astrology Advanced Training Program

DNA Astrology Advanced Training Program

The basic course covers the stars and the karmic registry. In this advanced course
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The basic course covers the stars and the karmic registry. In this advanced course

The difference between basic and the Advanced Training Program is that in basic course the karmic registry of the planets was covered, but in advanced DNA Program, you will learn how to apply the karmic registry of the planets in prediction to the extent the research has been done till now.

It is recommended to learn the basics first and then the advanced for better utilization of the concept.

In DNA Astrology Advanced Training Program, the predictive part in DNA astrology will cover

  • How to approach Dasa Bhukti in DNA astrology
  • Deities’ karmic registry- karmic registry of the celebrated mythological icons
  • How to identify one’s soul mate or karmic partner
  • How to find out whether our karma identified by DNA astrology is reduced or still active
  • Ascendant / Lagna and their karmic registry
  • How to find out the curse of one’s relatives
  • DNA registry that would easily get affected by viruses like COVID19
  • Know the purpose of this lifetime
  • Your left out duty in the previous birth
  • Rectification of birth star and ascendant star using DNA astrology concept
  • The three important doshas other than planetary doshas that affect life severely than the planetary karmic registry
  • How we get attached to the deities or choose our deities – DNA astrology gives a clue
  • Saturn placement: there lies a secret that everybody should know
  • Moon signs and their karmic registry in application point of view- tips
  • If the family deity is not known, how to remedy the family deity or kula devata dosha
  • Duration: 8 to 10 hours
  • Medium: English

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