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Description of the Divine Encounter

Description of the Divine Encounter

Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Intervention – Remedies

At this time the Kalki Karuppaswamy Channel is focusing on poojas and homas for Kalki Karuppaswamy program participants. If you would like to be contacted when the Divine Encounters open up again, please send an email to Kalki_karuppaswamy@astroved.com and we will personally email and let you know when they are available. Thank you.

The Experience of a Divine Encounter with Kalki Karuppaswamy

If you have never had an experience with a Divine Channel, there is one simple guideline – suspend judgment and turn off negative mind chatter – it does not serve a higher purpose. When you have this unique divine intervention, prepare to speak directly to the God himself, because there is no human filter or interference. Kalki Karuppaswamy completely takes over – he uses the body of Kalkidas (the Channel) and speaks through his voice. He does not waste time. He expects you to be focused and respectful during your time with him. There is no pointless small talk. If he asks you a question, the appropriate response is either “Yes, Karuppaswamy,” or “No, Karuppaswamy.” (You may also address him as “Swamy”). When Karuppaswamy says, “I give you my word,” it is pure truth – Vaaak Siddhi (the sound or voice of a Siddhi – it is the vibration of truth without corruption). You do not need to think about how it was done – it has occurred outside the usual realm of limited human experience. It simply has been done – to right a wrong and tip the scale of justice on your behalf.

Scheduling Your Divine Encounter for the Most Auspicious/Beneficial Timing

The time spent with Kalki Karuppaswamy is always different and is influenced by the planetary energy of the day/time that you speak with him. The divine encounters reflect that energy. He amplifies the most auspicious energy available and combines with those forces to produce the highest impact. For instance, when it is an 11th moon, Kalki Karuppaswamy is focused on fixing finances and he gives wealth blessings, because the 11th moon brings wealth, when used correctly. He will even say, “Today I am only giving wealth blessings.” So, if you seek to remove negative influences affecting your relationships, a 7th or 8th moon will better support you. When he gives you remedies, either at home or for the “boy” to do (he is referring to Kalkidas, whose body he is occupying), it is very important to follow his instructions and to avail yourself of his recommendation. Remedies are his gift – they are unique and tailored to address your individual situation

Blessings from Adi Siva

Adi Siva

Kalki Karuppaswamy is devoted to Adi Siva (and will sometimes say, “This is Adi Siva’s blessing for you,” or, “Adi Siva wants me to give you . . . .” Kalki Karuppaswamy is filled with compassion and wants what is best for you. If he becomes fierce and speaks in a way that seems harsh, it is to remove the negativity in your body and mind and ultimately, your life. These negative influences within and without prevent you from receiving good things in general – and specifically, the gift Kalki Karuppaswamy wants you to receive from him. Suspend judgment and allow him to help you, regardless of the way or form that he appears during your reading.

The divine encounters are very swift and focus on the essentials in your life. The human mind may not grasp the fact that Kalki Karuppaswamy can change your life in dramatic and positive ways so quickly – he may really only need 5 minutes, he exists outside of time and can make corrections and bless you in the blink of an eye. It is best to clear your mind and not think about how much time you spend with him. Rather, you need to be focused and present and treat the time you have as the divine intervention it is. Bring the appropriate attitude of respect and decorum. In this way, you will make the most of your time. Value the fact that you have been given access to a powerful, other-worldly being who can help you. When you speak with him, be formal and courteous. Speak with volume. Speak clearly and succinctly. Kalki Karuppaswamy will act on your behalf, but you must approach him correctly and take the opportunity seriously. Otherwise, he will end the call and tell you to come back after you have properly prepared yourself.

Do not miss this divine gift. Allow yourself to awaken to your true purpose in life and receive all the good that is or should be available to you. We don’t know how long Kalki Karuppaswamy will be available in this way, so take advantage of this unique opportunity while you can.


New Moon

If Kalki Karuppaswamy does not come forward for the divine encounter, it may happen as early as one to two days later or he may give a longer time frame when he will be present, such as 30 days. During that time period, please reflect on your motives and pray sincerely to develop a connection with Kalki Karuppaswamy as per above instructions: How to best PREPARE for your Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Encounter.

If Kalki Karuppaswamy is not available for the divine encounter, then the cost of the divine encounter will be refunded.

Please refer to this link for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

How to best PREPARE for your Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Encounter?

1. Start offering your earnest prayers to Kalki Karuppaswamy at 8:20 PM – your time zone (see above instructions).

2. Schedule a time slot. For women, choose a time that is at least eight days before or atleast 8 days after your menstrual cycle.

3. Examine your motives and contemplate the purity of your intentions/prayers. That is, be clear about what you want and why you want it.

4. Before and during the divine encounter, please stay in an open, receptive frame of mind. If he asks questions, answer with “Yes” or “No,” until the divine encounter is complete. As he speaks, just listen with full attention, do not interrupt. At the end, when he finishes speaking, if anything has not been addressed, you can ask questions at that time.

5. Ensure there is no background noise and keep the mute on your phone unless responding to a question.

6. Give your skype contact while booking your divine encounter

Reasons when readings are NOT available:

1. Karuppaswamy does not come forward due to some unknown reason. One possibility is that he wants to bless you on the right day when the energy is best for your issues. So then, it is not a rejection due to incorrect motivations, but rather a delay to offer the optimal blessings at the optimal time. This is the best possible reason for a delay.

2. You are less than 8 days from the start of your menstrual cycle (this is a time when too many other energies are active and therefore will not be favorable for a woman). During your menstrual cycle, worship Krishna instead, as he will help and support you during this time.

3. Your intentions are not pure and there is intent to scheme against or harm or impede others’ progress in some way.

What happens after your Divine Encounter with Kalki Karuppaswamy?

1. There will be a follow-up email outlining instructions given to you during your call. Kalki Karuppaswamy will prescribe the level of remedies based on your karmic challenges upto six month period of time after your initial divine intervention. These remedies are highly effective, for when they are being performed on your behalf, Kalkidas is in a state of trance and through his intuitive understanding, he receives directions from Kalki Karuppaswamy and performs the remedy rituals according to these divine instructions. In the same way, he also confirms the acceptance of the remedy rituals and your prayers with Kalki Karuppaswamy. While performing the remedies, he understands if it has been rejected by Kalki Karuppaswmay and he attempts to complete the ritual repeatedly until your karma is transferred to him resulting in successful acceptance of the offering and that the results are showing up in your life.

2. Please note that the cost for each level of remedies does not include your initial fee for the Divine Encounter.