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Best Astrologers in Delhi

AstroVed is a pioneering organization in the domain of Vedic astrology. Over a period of nearly 2 decades, it has built for itself an enviable reputation for providing support and guidance on all aspects of significance in life. Its team of expert astrologers with their vast and varied experience over the years have been catering to the needs of all sections of the society and have been actively assisting people to face the challenges and uncertaintiesof life with confidence, so that they could lead a life of fulfillment.

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science given by our seers that helps us until today to solve all life problems. This science of planets can offer you the much-needed guidance to make the right decisions in your life at the right time and succeed in all your efforts. Earlier, it was necessary to meet an astrologer in person and provide your birth chart for analysis. Now, due to the advancement in technology every field has adopted the tools to survive in the competitive world. Astrology too is no different. Nowadays, you can provide your details and seek astrology services online. You can meet your astrologer online, sitting from any corner of the world at the comforts of your home. Even Homa (Fire Lab) as remedial measures are performed online with the help of a priest. What more can you ask!

Now just when you think this cannot get any better, AstroVed surprises you with the unbelievable range of Vedic Astrology Services it provides.

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Our expert astrologers in Delhi offer solutions for resolving your life problems related to your:

Based on the analysis of your birth chart, our skilled astrologers in Delhi provide you accurate predictions and suggest targeted rituals to help you handle difficult times in your life.

If you are a resident of Delhi and would like to get benefit from any of AstroVed’s services and get a consultation with our expert astrologers online.

Find answers to your long-standing questions from AstroVed and put an end to your life problems.

Learn more about the services offered by AstroVed’s expert astrologers in Delhi and choose the one best suitable for you!

Instant Access Consultation(Now)

Instant Insight is a specially designed service where you will get answers from our astrologers by analyzing the planetary positions at the time of asking the question. This service comes in different packages based on the number of questions you would like to ask the astrologer. This is designed to help you in seeking remedies fast or instantly.


Live Astrology Consultation(Schedule)

AstroVed offers Live Astrology Consultation through Skype or Phone Calls. You can speak with our famous astrologers to find solutions and remedies to the problems you face in life. The best part is that you can pre-book your consultation on our website, and you can have the astrology consultation in the language you are comfortable in and with the astrologer of your choice.


Prasna Astrology

This service is designed to help you find solutions based on your birth chart. You need to schedule an appointment with one of our astrologers who are online. The list of astrologers who are online will be displayed for you, and you can choose one among them. This service can be availed either through phone or Skype call or by chat.


Ask Astrologer 3 Questions Service

This is a specially designed program to help you in seeking answers for some significant issues that trouble you. This consultation program provides a clear report and remedies for the three questions you ask. Our in-house expert astrologers will provide answers to these 3 questions


Betel Leaf Astrology

Have you ever heard of Virtual Betel Leaf Astrology?! You probably wouldn’t have. AstroVed is known for innovation in Vedic Astrology Services, and Virtual Betel Leaf Astrology has been introduced to set a benchmark for such innovations. Betel Leaf Astrology reading was once accessible only to the privileged. Later, it changed. And now, with this coming into the virtual world, anyone can get access to it. This service comes in a specially designed online format and helps derive answers based on the present times.


Apart from these branches of Astrology, we also offer:

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is like no other, because, not just for knowing about what is written in your Nadi leaf, but even to know about what is Nadi Astrology itself, you need the blessings of the.. Read More

Vishnu Maya Reading

Also known as ‘Angel Reading’, this service offers you divine guidance from the angel (Vishnu Maya) to ease you from your sufferings Read More

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