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Best Astrologers in Chennai

We at AstroVed are equipped with an expert panel of best astrologers in Chennai who are skilled with years of experience. We provide you a wide range of best astrology solutions such as Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Prasna Astrology, Betel Leaf Astrology etc. Our team of best astrologers in Chennai analyzes your birth chart, understands your concern and prescribes the correct remedies as recommended in sacred texts, to set right your life situation.

Be it a problem related to your career, love, family, business, finance, relationship, education or health, we will have the best astrologers in Chennai study your birth chart to find out the reason behind your concern and suggest remedial measures to overcome your life problems. Our team of skilled astrologers in Chennai are proficient in English and major Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.

You can have your predictions from our skilled astrologers in Chennai as a report and download it as a PDF file. We also provide you with a wide array of online astrology tools such as Daily/Monthly/Yearly Horoscope, Online Predictions/Readings and free/paid online reports, which are downloadable.

AstroVed’s new avatar Astrospeaks is a good forum to ask questions on astrology online. It is an online hub for astrologers who are very experienced and acclaimed experts in diverse fields like Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Vastu, Numerology, etc. The astrologers are also proficient in English as well as regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. They offer practical and affordable solutions for one’s problems as well as valuable guidance on personal and professional matters.

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Our expert astrologers in Chennai offer solutions for resolving the issues in key areas of your life spanning:

Based on the analysis of your birth chart, our skilled astrologers in Chennai give you accurate predictions and suggest targeted remedial rituals to help you handle the situation and come out of your difficult times. Take advantage of our range of Astrology Services provided by the best astrologers in Chennai to find answers to your long-standing questions and battle better with your life problems.

You can reach out to our expert astrologers in Chennai through:

Instant Access Consultation(Now)

You can speak with one of our astrologers, who is available online through chat, phone or Skype to get your doubts clarified and find the perfect solutions to your problems


Live Astrology Consultation(Schedule)

Real-time interaction through phone or Skype with one of our astrologers to get deeper insights about your concerns


Prasna Astrology

An ancient and unique branch of Vedic Astrology that is derived from ‘Hora’, a Vedic unit of time, which equals to 1 hour. You will get answers from our astrologers by analyzing the planetary positions at the moment you ask the question


Ask Astrologer 3 Questions Service

You can consult our panel of best astrologers in Chennai and ask them up to 3 of your important questions and get clear guidance on how to deal with your pressing problems in life


Betel Leaf Astrology

Also known as Royal Astrology, this is an intricate divination method practiced in Kerala. You can derive answers and predictions based on the present, the time which you select the sacred betel leaves in our specially developed online format 


Apart from these branches of Astrology, we also offer:

Nadi Astrology

Our best Nadi astrologers in Chennai uses this ancient predictive science to find answers to your questions from Nadi leaves, on which your destiny has been etched thousands of years ago Read More

Vishnu Maya Reading

Also known as ‘Angel Reading’, this service offers you divine guidance from the angel (Vishnu Maya) to ease you from your sufferings Read More

What our customers are saying

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science of Indian origin that studies planetary movements and their influences on human life. When a baby is born in India, writing a horoscope is more than a prerequisite and is considered to be of very high importance to plan his/her life. Having the best astrologer read your horoscope and give predictions upon your life is equally important to get a genuine and clear picture about your life events.