Health Remedial Trip General Package (Budget)

Health Remedial Trip General Package (Budget)

Health Remedial Trip General Package (Budget)
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We regret to inform you that due to the imposition of new lockdown measures in different countries and restricted international flights operation, we are unable to ship Prasad at this time.

The famous saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’ and being hale and healthy is essential to lead a peaceful and happy life. Though you may have all the wealth you need, if you are suffering from any illness, you may not be able to enjoy the material riches. Any illness could be due to negative influence of planets in your birth chart or the current planetary influence (Dasa/Bhukti). Some may suffer from health issues due to the effects of evil eye or negative forces or due to sins committed in the past. A heartfelt prayer at the sacred energy vortex of the deity can be a remedy for your problems. There are selected Powerspots in Tamil Nadu which holds positive healing energies to boost up your health and reduce the impact of any illness. If you or any of your loved one is suffering from any health-related issues, you can pay a visit to these powerful energy vortices for a long-lasting relief.

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