Amarakavi’s Dream Visions & Revelations

Amarakavi’s Dream Visions & Revelations

Dream Visions and Revelations
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Dream Visions and Revelations (Spiritural Dreams between 1930-1946)
 It is the dreamland that offers its scope with yoga. The “I” consciousness bids its venue as memory drops with the intellect. Memory over intellect creeps in there during daytime in its mundane marches. It holds its footprints even during sleep at its entrance gate known as Swapna. This land is most precious with Jiva. In its domain is wake up consciousness known as Thuriya. To land oneself there in day even is yoga of the infinite. Dreams hold its index with mind in its developing scenes. Many a savant is guided there in their holy mission with life. Life self-taught is never met with all. It is in its unique gift with God’s chosen few.

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