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Thri ot tri means three; kala means time. Thriraka pooja is worship done at the three times of the day

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Lighting a lamp is a very simple but an effective remedy that can be performed not only in the temples, but also in one’s personal worship space.

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Panapayasam is the sweet porridge made of a special sugar candy offered to Hanuman

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Yellow porridge is cooked rice mixed with turmeric and selected spices.

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Ghee payasam for Hanuman, Krishna and Shiva

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Jaggery payasam for Bhagavathi, Hanuman, Snake God

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Thrimadhuram is a mixture of sugar, banana and dry grapes offered to almost all deities in Kerala temples

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The Karuga Homa also called Durva Homa is performed to remove balarishta, that is malefic influences at the time of birth which will affect the children, mostly up to 12 years of age.

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Milk payasam for Bhagavathi, Sudarshana, Hanuman and Snake God

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Special jaggery sweet porridge offering to Goddess Bhagavathi

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This special offering to Hanuman increases physical strength and is a remedy for weakness related to vitamin deficiency and such conditions.

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Koottu payasam Bhagavathi, Shiva, Snake God

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Offerings to Snake God: Kadali Pazham - 1 small bunch

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Ganapathi Homam for 13 Birth Stars

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Bhadra Deepam to Saraswathi for 13 Birth Stars

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Lakshmi Ganapathi Homa helps reducing debts and financial problems and increasing financial viability.

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Offerings to Snake God: Kadali Kula – 1 big bunch

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The Ganapathi Homa with chanting of Ganesha moola mantra and Ganapathi Atharvaseersham removes all road blocks and bestows whatever one is aspiring for through this homa.

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Maha Mrithyunjaya Homa

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Mrithyunjaya means one who has vanquished death. It is yet another powerful name of Shiva. The Vedas say that mere chanting of the name will liberate from all fears including the fear of death.

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Take advantage of this unique and sophisticated predictive technique, once reserved only to royal families. The answers to your questions come directly from a Divine source. Royal Astrology is an aspect of Ashtamangalam and a complete process in itself. We have identified the crucial steps of this process, sequenced its essential components to make this service available to the global community.

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Sudarshana is the personification of the 1000 pointed Discus held by Lord Vishnu. The 1000 points or spikes are symbolic of this protective quality.

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Payasa Homa is powerful homa is performed for removal of the Rahu Ketu afflictions.

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