Sanjoy Chatterjee - Astrologer

  • Vedic Astrology, Nadi, KP Astrology, Horary
  • 30 years of experience
  • Mumbai
  • English, Hindi, Bangla Bengali
Exp : 30 years

About Astrologer

Sanjoy has been in the field of astrology for the last 30 years and has studied more than 4500 clients’ Vedic predictions from all over the world. His specializations include Parashara based Vedic astrology, gemstone science, mantra and pooja. He can be consulted in areas such as career, family, health, love, relationships, education, foreign travel and much more. Right from his childhood, he has been fascinated by the art of astrology and always had a keen interest in planetary movements. His curiosity drove him to sit for hours studying Vedic astrology just to get a glimpse of planets and what their transitions signify. He believes that in Vedic astrology, one needs to remember that nobody gets more than their destiny and not before the right time. He says, “I always try my level best to give honest predictions and solutions to reduce problems of people in distress.” His solutions have proved helpful for all of his clients and he suggests that people need to follow these solutions with full faith and knowledge to get the best results out of it. He believes that the truth of our life lies in our karmic theory. He follows the ancient Vedic texts and scripts to predict and provide guidance to people and help them achieve success in life. He says that the Vedic texts encourage us to perform good deeds and work hard to get good results. He has an MBA from the University of Canterbury and is proficient in English, Hindi and Bengali. He is an expert in Nadi, Hora, KP, Lahiri, Parashara and Bhrigu astrology.