Jagat Kumar

Jagat Kumar Rakesh - Astrologer

  • Vedic Astrology, Prashna Kundli
  • Hindi
  • 10 years of experience
  • 248 mins
  • 2.00/Min
  • Offline

About Me

He is a Vedic Astrologer who hails from Delhi. He has completed Jyotish Praveen from Jyotish Vidya Peeth, the Asia Pacific Accreditation Forum. He considers Astrology to be a science. With his precise calculations, he has been solving the problems of his clients for the past 10 years. He is an expert in Vedic Astrology, Prasana Kundli, Numerology, and Palmistry. His clients come from all over India. He can suggest remedies that people of all religions can do. He also does counseling to help people deal with their problems. He has resolved even very intricate situations with ease. He also teaches astrology. He specializes in problems related to marriage, progeny, settling abroad, finances, education, etc. He can speak Hindi and English.


  • Vedic Astrology
  • Prashna Kundli