Balachandra Vignesh

Balachandra Vignesh J - Astrologer

  • Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Jaimini, Marriage Relationship, Prasanna
  • English, Tamil
  • 4 years of experience
  • 132 mins
  • 2.00/Min
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About Me

He is from Mambalam, Chennai, and speaks Tamil and English. He has done his CA Inter (Group I) and has 4 years’ experience as an astrologer. He is also a member of the Indian Council for Astrological Sciences. Though he began his career in the field of Accounting & Auditing, he began to pursue Vedic Astrology in his early 20s for pure passion. He is an avid reader of the ancient Shastras & Vedic Scriptures including Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vyakarana, Smrithis & Puranas. He is an expert in Vedic Astrology (Parashara method). Besides, he also practices Prashnam, Jaimini System of Astrology, Muhurtha Fixing, Numerology, Horoscope Matching and Medical Astrology. He also uses Pushkara Navamsha technique and Subhathuva - Paabhthuva technique to make more accurate predictions. He can offer effective remedies for all problems and has helped many clients to achieve their goals in life.


  • Vedic Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Jaimini
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Prasanna
5 Reviews


Prabu K

03 Mar 2023

I am happy with AstroVed astrologer's consultation. He answered all my questions and allayed my apprehensions through sound predictions.

Balaji P

03 Mar 2023

The AstroVed astrologer could understand my problems and address my concerns. He also suggested practical solutions.

Puviyarasan K

04 Mar 2023

I was impressed with the way the AstroVed astrologer studied the birth chart, gave reasons for the issues I was facing, and also clarified my doubts.

Mukeshwaran K

05 Mar 2023

The AstroVed astrologer could instantly cast my horoscope, explain its structure, and make precise predictions for the future. I am satisfied with his professional approach with a personal touch.

Praveen Kumar S

06 Mar 2023

While the AstroVed astrologer explained my past and prophesied about my future quite frankly, he also gave simple remedies to overcome my problems. I am happy with my experience.