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Astro Jitender Ratan - Astrologer

  • Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Career, Love, Marriage Relationship, Gemstone Suggestion
  • Hindi
  • 14 years of experience
  • 335 mins
  • 2.00/Min
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About Me

He is from Delhi and speaks Hindi and English. He has 14 years’ experience as an astrologer. His areas of expertise include Vedic astrology, Gemology, Vaastu Shastra, Marriage, Love and relationship, Court cases, Education, Career, Progeny and many more. He learned astrology under the Guru-Shishya parampara to help people through astrology. The late. Pt. Manmohan Mishra (Rohini, Delhi ) gave him the primary education in Vedic astrology and how to perform Pooja, Anushtan and other rites. He also learned Jyotish Siddhant from various gurus and books on Vedic astrology. He has helped many people around the world through his knowledge of astrology. He has more than 800 satisfied clients.


  • Vedic Astrology
  • Vaastu
  • Career
  • Love
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Gemstone Suggestion