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Lakshmi Virtual Pooja

Who can perform Lakshmi Pooja?

Goddess Lakshmi is the archetype of Wealth and Prosperity. She is consort of Lord Vishnu, the maintainer and preserver of Universe. When you pray to her, she provides you with material wealth, beauty, spiritual growth and happiness. She empowers you to realize your goal by enhancing your awareness. She brings transformative energies that increase prosperity consciousness in you. This archetype of affluence and beauty is the overlord of planet Venus.

Apart from her devotees who feel naturally connected to her with special reverence, others who can pray to her for specific blessings are:

  • If you want to expand your business and profit.
  • If you want to increase your wealth and property.
  • If you are facing obstacles for increasing your monetary income or wealth.
  • If you want to experience abundance and prosperity in your life and enjoy luxuries and material comforts.
  • If you want to accomplish any goal.

What are the blessings you receive on performing Lakshmi Virtual Pooja?

Praying to Goddess Lakshmi online can bring the following benefits:

  • She enhances positivity and inspires you to become goal-oriented.
  • She helps you to experience success, abundance of wealth, peace, and prosperity in life.
  • She showers beauty, elegance, intelligence and refined taste.
  • She drives away poverty mindset and helps to improve in profession.

When you should perform Online Lakshmi Pooja?

Goddess Lakshmi can be worshipped on Fridays, and on auspicious days of 5th and 11th Moon phases.

Fire Lab or Lakshmi Pooja:

You can also participate in real time Lakshmi homa or puja performed with elaborate rituals amidst Vedic chants by priests in India.

What is the mythological significance of Archetype Lakshmi?

Sage Durvasa, the son of sage Atri, once went to Indraloka to meet Indra. On his way to Indra’s palace, Durvasa met Indra riding on his elephant Airavat and presented him a garland of Parijat flowers. Indra being careless, the garland fell on the ground and the elephant stepped on it. This came to the notice of the sage and made him extremely angry. He cursed Indra that as he has become arrogant on enjoying lot of wealth and prosperity, he will soon turn into a pauper. Soon, Durvasa’s curse began to have its effect, Goddess Lakshmi left Indra and signs of poverty began to appear. Indra, along with other deities visited Brahma to seek his help who again visited Vishnu for a solution to get relieved of poverty.

Lord Vishnu suggested churning of the primordial Milky Ocean to bring back Goddess Lakshmi. He suggested the Gods to take help of the demons (asuras) in churning the ocean. Vishnu suggested churning the ocean with help of mount Mandara and tying Vasuki snake around it. He himself would incarnate as tortoise or Kurma avatar to hold the mountain on his back. As churning of the ocean took place, the treasures of this world began to surface and Goddess Lakshmi emerged seated on a full bloomed lotus floating on the water. She decided to stay in the heart of Vishnu, so that she can bless all the three worlds with prosperity and happiness.