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2023 October Hindu Festivals Calendar

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October denotes the tenth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar.

October is associated with the autumn season in the Northern hemisphere. The name originates from the Latin word ‘Octo’ meaning eight. It was the eighth month of the year before January and February were added to the beginning of the year. October signifies gardening tasks, baking in the Fall season, and folklore, among others.

India is a country with a divergent population comprising of numerous religions, cultures, communities, languages, traditions, and customs. The festivals celebrated across the country are diverse and reflect the rich and vibrant culture, history, and traditions of the country.

In accordance with the Hindu calendar, most festivals are celebrated based on the position of the Sun and the Moon. The festivals also defer according to the region and have different time zones. Most festivals include some significant days of fasting.

Some festivals like Dussehra fall mostly in October with the rare occurrence, in September. After nine days of Navratri, it falls on the tenth day with the enactment of Ravan Dahan (victory of good over evil). The city of Mysore in Karnataka also celebrates Dussehra on a grand scale. Diwali is perhaps the most popular and celebrated festival across India, in the Hindu month of Kartika and oscillates between mid-October and mid-November.