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Quiz for Astrology Houses

Seventh House - Quiz

1. The 7th house is a house of... ?
  • (a) Religion
  • (b) Desire
  • (c) Wealth
  • (d) Dharma

2. Which profession would not be favored by Libras?
  • (a) Acting
  • (b) Coal-mining
  • (c) Business
  • (d) Spa management

3. Which of these are not primary significators of the 7th house?
  • (a) Marriage
  • (b) Moral conduct
  • (c) Enlightenment
  • (d) Business partners

4. What best describes the qualities of Venus?
  • (a) Monastic
  • (b) Professional
  • (c) Somber
  • (d) Sensual and beautiful

5. Which planet becomes debilitated in Virgo?
  • (a) Saturn
  • (b) Sun
  • (c) Venus
  • (d) None
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