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Quiz for Astrology Houses

First House - Quiz

1. Which sign is the natural 1st House?
  • (a) Leo
  • (b) Aries
  • (c) Virgo
  • (d) Taurus

2. Which of the following is not a charactistic of ones 1st House?
  • (a) Physical self
  • (b) Head
  • (c) Money
  • (d) Personality

3. Which descriptions would best describe someone with an Aries 1st House?
  • (a) Decisive, fast, passionate
  • (b) Slow, lazy, confused
  • (c) Picky, Finicky, Discriminating
  • (d) Dreamy, uncertain, wish-washy

4. Which planet loves and is exalted in the Sign of Aries?
  • (a) Saturn
  • (b) Sun
  • (c) Jupiter
  • (d) Rahu

5. Saturn considers which planet an enemy?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Sun
  • (c) Jupiter
  • (d) Rahu

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