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Quiz for Astrology Houses

Analyzing the Eleventh House - Quiz

1. Which sign contains the 11th house for Oprah's Winfrey?
  • (a) Libra
  • (b) Cancer
  • (c) Gemini
  • (d) Capricorn

2. Which house in Oprah's chart is held by Aquarius, the natural 11th sign of the Zodiac?
  • (a) 7th House
  • (b) 3rd House
  • (c) 6th House
  • (d) 1st House

3. Where is the planet which rules Aquarius, the natural 11th sign of the Zodiac?
  • (a) 12th House
  • (b) 6th House
  • (c) 4th House
  • (d) 3rd House

4. Jupiter is a planet which helps produce gains. It is considered the 11th house karaka planet. Where is the 11th house karaka in her chart?
  • (a) 3rd house of courage
  • (b) 10th house of profession
  • (c) 6th house of selfless service
  • (d) 4th house of home

5. Where is the ruler of Oprah’s actual 11th house of gains placed?
  • (a) 10th house of profession
  • (b) th house of home
  • (c) 6th house of selfless service
  • (d) 3rd house of courage

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