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Virtual Pooja/ Perform Poojas On Your PCs!

Pooja is a beautiful ritual to interact with a divine archetype and show reverence to the almighty through invocations, songs and offerings. Praising the divine through Pooja helps establish a genuine connection between a deity and an individual.

In this demanding world, we do not all have the time or commitment to offer an elaborate Pooja. AstroVed has created Virtual Pooja so you can spend just a few minutes over your computer to easily reap the benefits of opening your heart to the divine. You may do Virtual Pooja for yourself or on behalf of a family member or friend. Each animation below allows you to personalize the Virtual Pooja with Moon Sign, Birthstar, Gender and Name of person for whom you wish to dedicate the Virtual Pooja. A priest in the animation will offer correct mantras and perform correct actions. The animation is interactive, and you will be guided what to click on to activate for presenting flowers as an act of surrender, ringing bell to invoke presence of divine, offering incense to purify ego, showing lamp to awaken knowledge, breaking coconut to release nectar of devotion and offering flame to clear mistakes. AstroVed’s Virtual Poojas are simple yet effective in authentically connecting you with various celestial beings. Experience the blessings!

NOTE: We are aware Virtual Pooja may not work on some devices. We are currently working to make it compatible with all devices. We regret any inconvenience.

Ganesh Pooja
Lakshmi Pooja
Sun Pooja
Moon Pooja
Rahu Pooja
Kethu Pooja
Saturn Pooja
Mars Pooja
Mercury Pooja
Venus Pooja
Jupiter Pooja
Hanuman Pooja
Durga Pooja
Saraswati Pooja
Parvathi Pooja
Muruga Pooja
Kubera Pooja
Dhanvantri Pooja
Vadivudai Amman Pooja
Sudarshan Pooja
Pratyangira Devi Pooja
Shiva Pooja
 Virtual Pooja

Virtual Pooja

Pooja is a sacred practice performed on different occasions to worship, pray or show your due respect to the God. To explain better, Pooja is as an act of showing reverence to the almighty through invocations, prayers (like mantra, slokas), songs, rituals and so on. Praising the God through poojas helps establish a spiritual connection between the deity and the devotee.

Not every one of us has the time or commitment to sit before the Lord’s statue/picture and offer poojas to him, in this demanding world! After all, every human being has his/her own commitment in life. AstroVed brings to you, a virtual pooja where you can spend just a few minutes to perform a pooja! When computers have become the most important part of everyone’s life, we have designed a virtual pooja, which can again be performed by itself!

For each planet, we offer an incense – a sweet smell to draw the Lord to us, a coconut that we break – a symbol of our human spirit, light a ghee lamp – so they can see us and ghee for their enjoyment, flowers – a symbol of space energy which transcends the Earth plane to be received where they are, music, their mantras, and the pure tones of a bell. The Virtual Poojas are effective in communicating your desire to be in tune with the planets.