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Lakshmi Kubera Unlocks Financial Growth & Success


Recently, a woman from Pittsburgh told me she had been trying to sell her old car for several weeks and while there were some nibbles, no one followed through with actual cash. So she decided to join a Lakshmi-Kubera Fire Ritual, then things changed. The very first Friday after the ritual she was driving her car to run some errands and all of a sudden it was like magic, everyone seemed interested in her old car... within an hour she had 6 (Lakshmi's number) inquiries. As soon as she returned home a man showed up and straightaway bought the car from her, for the asking price. It was so clear to her that the Lakshmi and Kubera ritual somehow removed the blocks that was stopping people from buying her car. She was happy to sell the car but to experience the magic from the ritual made it a thrilling spiritual experience as well.

I know these remedies work based on my own experience and from so many personal stories like the one shared with me above. We want you to have real and noticeable difference in your prospects, relationships and bank account. What are you looking for: selling your car, a job or new business idea, a relationship, or maybe more personal beauty?

All planets can theoretically bring you money or relationship depending upon your personal astrology chart. But there is only one planet known as the "Indicator for Wealth" or the Karaka for Money, Beauty and Relationships. That planet is Venus. Monday, April 8th is a day you do not want to miss. There is an astrological combination with Venus and the Good Luck Planet, Jupiter, that will not occur for another 12 years and that allows you to strongly connect with two archetypes of wealth: Lakshmi and Kubera.

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Divine Blessings for Your Relationship

“Archetypes are able to help us in our day to day life. They have a higher intelligence. They can inform us and warn us of dangers ahead of time and can give us a better intelligence. Ancient scientists of different cultures understood archetypes and used them in their daily lives.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Lakshmi Kubera

From April 1st till April 8th, the planet Venus will be nearing its point of maximum exaltation. When a planet nears its exaltation point, it will tend to give 99 percent of its positive influence. Venus the planet of wealth, beauty and relationships achieves maximum exaltation (27 degrees in Pisces) at sunrise on April 8th IST and stays in the exact degree until midnight. Jupiter the ruler of Pisces and the planet that rules banking and all Financial institutions is in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus. There is a powerful exchange of Houses between these two planets: Jupiter is in Venus’ House and Venus in Jupiter’s House.

Goddess Lakshmi is an embodiment of wealth and prosperity, Lord Kubera is the Lord of wealth and materials, called the “Banker in Heaven”. Kubera is the God of wealth and materiality but not its originator. His responsibilities are to distribute wealth and materials. Creating wealth belongs to the domain of Goddess Lakshmi. While performing rituals for Kubera will enrich your life, it is not enough. To have true wealth and prosperity you should perform rituals for Lakshmi-Kubera together.

Astrological Considerations for Venus at Maximum Exaltation

From April 1st till April 8th- For those who are born in Pisces, Libra, Cancer sign as Ascendant they will have financial increase. An astrological rule states that when Venus occupies Pisces there will be financial growth because Pisces is the sign of exaltation for Venus.

On April 8th Jupiter will be in the star of the Moon, Rohini and the Moon will be in Jupiter's star, Purva Bhadrapada (Dr. Pillai's Birth Star). This is called the excellent exchange of planets at the star level, "Sookshma Parivarthana". This gives Jupiter extra power as if Jupiter is in his own star itself. Jupiter is the planet that removes a million blemishes and with his extra power he will be in a position to restore lost wealth and lost reputation as the planets occupying Jupiter's sign will be Venus and the Sun, planets that govern wealth and reputation respectively.

Lakshmi Kubera Business Deal Testimonial

Lakshmi Kubera Homa blesses you with luxuries, financial gains, success etc. It can help in getting relief from debts, increases income and profits etc. Participate in the Lakshmi Kubera homas which will be performed during selected Venus Horas from April 1st - April 8th.