Mahalaya Paksha: September 28th – October 12th, 2015 (IST)
15 Days to Change Your Destiny

The ancestors are invisible to the human eye, and most of us are unaware of their presence. However, their influence on our life is profound and that’s why Mahalaya Paksha is so important. Once a year they visit us in our homes for 15 days and this creates an opportunity for everyone to change their destiny. Mahalaya Paksha is the most important time of year for you to connect with your ancestors and it starts on Monday, September 28th and ends October 12th (IST).

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Astrology behind Mahalaya Paksha

This year, Mahalaya Paksha starts on Monday, September 28th and ends on Monday, October 12th, 2015 (IST). Mahalaya begins with the Moon in the transcendental sign of Pisces, the 12th house of the natural Zodiac. This house signifies salvation and liberation (or moksha).

Ketu, the South Lunar Node, will be with the Moon in Pisces. This placement is significant because from the 12th house of enlightenment, Ketu can reinforce the positive energies that can liberate your ancestors. Ketu represents your maternal Ancestors.

Mahalaya ends with the Moon in Virgo. The Moon will be conjunct with Rahu and Mercury. Rahu, the North Lunar Node, represents your paternal Ancestors. Tarpanam rituals performed on this day will further appease your Ancestors. So astrologically, this Mahalaya has an even closer connection to the Ancestors’ world. Take advantage of the Moon’s hidden powers during the upcoming Special New Moon of the Ancestors (Mahalaya Amavasya).

Tarpanam performed during this Mahalaya will prepare your Ancestors’ souls for the attainment of Moksha (or liberation) and will give them true freedom and peace. After attaining liberation, ancestors acquire more power and knowledge and have access to the Light. From the Light, they can bless you with all kinds of boons and solutions to your problems.

Karuppasamy and New Moon

God Karuppasamy is a strong energy that can cut through any negative force in your life, when activated. On Mahalaya New Moon day, the Sun and the Moon will be along with Rahu. Rahu is the shadow planet that is extremely powerful on New Moon days. Karuppasamy, the archetype that closely represent Rahu energy also becomes powerful on New Moon days. Performing rituals to propitiate him on this day will be very effective.
Participate in Rituals to Lord Karuppasamy

Mahalaya Paksha: 15 Moons and Their Benefits

This ritual brings about different benefits different Moon phases of the 15 days:
Moon Phase or Tithi Benefits of Specific Moon Phase Tarpanams
1st Moon Brings blessings of wealth.
2nd Moon Brings Blessings of continued lineage.
3rd Moon Brings Business prosperity.
4th Moon Brings Ability to triumph over enemies.
5th Moon Brings About prosperity.
6th Moon Brings Fame and good reputation.
7th Moon Increases Inner strength and brings spiritual growth.
8th Moon Increases Intelligence.
9th Moon Increases Support of women in life.
10th Moon Brings Success in profession.
11th Moon Brings Blessings for prosperity of children and growth of their intelligence.
12th Moon Brings Blessings for continuity of lineage and success from education.
13th Moon and 14th Moon Moon Brings possession of vehicles and a life of peace and longevity.
Mahalaya Amavasya – New Moon Helps in receiving divine light because their grace is equivalent to God’s grace. On this day, ritual is done specially for those ancestors who passed away due to weapons or accidents.