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Lord Shiva

The Great Night of Shiva

Maha Shivaratri: March 7th (IST)

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The Night of Transformation

Throughout the world, people wait with special longing for a festival known as the Great Night of Shiva, or Maha Shivaratri in Sanskrit. This year, Maha Shivaratri occurs on March 7th, 2016 (IST).

Goddess Parvati once asked Shiva which rituals pleased him the most. Shiva replied that rituals performed on the 14th Waning Moon during the month of Phalgun (Feb/March) were his favorites. This is known as Maha Shivaratri.

While each 14th Waning Moon is known as a Shivaratri, Maha Shivaratri is of special significance, and it happens only once a year. It is due to Shiva’s grace that on the night of Maha Shivaratri everyone has the potential to awaken to the highest consciousness possible.

EXTRA-Ordinary Boons Given

Archetype Shiva is the representation of primordial energy from which everything was born and to which everything in the universe will disintegrate into. If there is a special time when we can remedy even the bad karmas and gain extraordinary boons for wealth, health, and power, it can only be the Maha Shivaratri, otherwise referred to as the Night of Shiva.

It is a special night when Goddess Parvati performs special poojas for Lord Shiva so as to get benefits for mankind. So by performing Shivaratri prayers, you can be part of the special Goddess prayer and lighten your karma.

Every year during Maha Shivaratri, the archetype Shiva incarnates everywhere in the form of the Shiva Lingam, his sacred symbol. The Shiva Lingam is symbolic of the creative power of the universe that denotes that God does not have any definite form.

Astrological Significance of Maha Shivaratri 2016

In 2016, Maha Shivaratri falls on March 7th (IST), a Monday, which is special. The Moon will be in Aquarius, the 11th sign of the natural zodiac. The 11th sign indicates wealth, fulfillment of desires, realization of hopes, good health, and strong relationship affairs. This day has the energy to give you what you need in any area of life. Worshiping Shiva on this day will help you obtain everything desired.

The star being Dhanishta also adds to the positivity of the day. The Dhanishta star has the power to turn even bran into gold. Worshiping Shiva on this day will bring golden opportunities. The planet Jupiter aspects the Moon. This makes the day more powerful for wealth creation and to move closer to your goals and desires.

The Moon is the day lord and as this event is celebrated during the night, the Moon will be prominent, and getting Jupiter’s aspect makes it a very special and auspicious night. Offering prayers to your birth star Shiva Lingam on this day through below mentioned rituals will wipe out your karma that is inherent in your karmic baggage.

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What To Do On Shivaratri Night?

One of the most holy nights in Vedic traditions is Maha Shivaratri, The Great Night of Shiva. Shivaratri is the auspicious time for every soul to get into the primordial consciousness of non-existence, or nirvana. One is required to keep vigil during the night in order to receive grace and assistance.

Poojas and prayers offered during Maha Shivaratri are promised to be amplified 10 million times. If there is a time that you can purify your thoughts and activate the empowerment of your goals, it is this special night.

The Bilva Leaf is The Best to Give to Shiva

Maha Shivaratri is considered as the most auspicious time to please Shiva to gain his blessings and the simplest way to appease archetype Shiva is to offer him Bilva leaves. The most terrible karma is destroyed when a Bilva leaf is offered to Shiva. The unbelievable merits that one receives on offering a single Bilva leaf to Lord Shiva are described in the 9 verses of the sacred hymn known as Bilvashtakam.

What You Can Do at Home on Maha Shivaratri:

  • Clean your home and clear your mind.
  • Fill your mind with thoughts of Shiva.
  • Bathe yourself and wear clean, comfortable clothes.
  • Fast and feel the bliss.
  • Enjoy yourself! God is not a killjoy. The more joyous we are, the closer we are to the source of joy and bliss.
  • Chant Shiva’s perfect mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.
  • Sing Shiva’s praise with a full heart.
  • Bathe a Shiva Lingam.
  • Meditate on Shiva and only Shiva. If your mind wanders, bring it back to Shiva’s feet.
  • Forget life’s problems, pains of the past, and worries about the future.
  • See God in everyone and in everything.