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AstroVed offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. Our tools will help you understand and evaluate your life. This will help to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with, by performing remedies and then maximizing the future potential. Connect to the success vibes with our special astrology services.

Bring True Light and Love into Your Life on February 14th (IST)


Ratha Saptami, the 7th Phase of the Waxing Moon, is a day when the sunlight reflected on the Moon activates specific areas of our brains. This energy allows the Sun and the Siddhas to bring the true light into our lives by transcending our minds. Moreover, it is also Valentine’s Day, a day to express your love to your special someone or to mend your relationships. This is a day when, if you reflect on your essence, deep insights about the purpo..

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Conjunction between Rahu and Jupiter


The Jupiter/Rahu combination is happening in the sign Leo, ruled by the Sun. When the benevolent Jupiter conjoins with the comparatively unkind nodal planets Rahu or Ketu, that union is termed “Guru Chandala Yoga” per Vedic Astrology. The conjunction could be in the same sign or farther in the same star. Know how to enhance the good effects and how to diminish the bad effects of this yoga? ..

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Mars in Scorpio: Experience Transformations in Your Life


Mars gives you energy, passion, drive, and determination. The fiery planet will move into the sign Scorpio on February 20th (IST). Scorpio is ruled by Mars. This is the time when you will experience transformations in your life. Depending upon the house occupied by Scorpio in your horoscope, you will see abrupt changes taking place in your career, relationship, finance, or health...

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Dr. Pillai’s Spiritual Birthday Celebrations: February 11th, 2016 (IST)


The teachings and guidance of Dr. Pillai have helped people around the world to change their consciousness and live with more joy and prosperity. Let us join together to celebrate the 67th birthday of the great Spiritual Master who has been revealing karma-removal secrets to the world for decades to relieve humanity from suffering...

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Thai Velli 2016: Thai Fridays with Abundant Goddess Energy


The Fridays in the Tamil month of Thai are exceptionally powerful to connect with the Goddess energy, especially the archetypal Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. Starting January 15, the Goddess energy will be invoked through timely rituals to bring about positive transformations in all areas of your life. Participate in the rituals to the all-pervading Shakti, the omnipresent one who will bless us with the secret of how to be successful in life...

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FREE Shreem Brzee Infusion Fire Lab on March 4th/ 5th


The sounds Shreem Brzee have been revealed by Dr. Pillai as the ultimate sounds for both inner and outer wealth. Not only do they create immense financial wealth, but also the wealth of vitality, relationships, and spiritual evolution.Join us on the wealth-giving power-time of the 11th Moon for this interactive Fire Lab, and receive a powerful Shreem Brzee infusion at the level of the body, mind, and soul...

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Saturn Pradosham: Escape the Strong Pull of Karma on February 20th (IST)


A small 2-hour window on the Saturn Pradosham day can generate energy similar to what a rocket requires for an escape velocity cutting through Earth’s gravity. The combination of the 13th Moon and the rule of Saturn on a Saturday can recreate something similar in your life, too. Participate in the Saturn Pradosham rituals on February 20th (IST) and receive the blessings of Saturn. ..

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Vasanta Panchami 2016: Sharpen Your Intelligence and Creative Skills


February 12th (IST) is Vasanta Panchami, the day when the energies of Saraswati, the goddess of learning and knowledge, are strong, for it is the day celebrated as her birthday. Saraswati gave the creator god Brahma the intelligence to create the rhythm of life out of chaos and confusion. a Panchami is an auspicious day to seek the blessings of the goddess to raise your consciousness and enhance your ability to perceive and create new realms of c..

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Recharge Your Wealth Access Card on the First Vishnupati of 2016 – February 13th, 2016 (IST)


Vishnu, the archetype of wealth, stands as the preserver of the material world. With his blessings, times of prosperity are created and we are able to enjoy the pleasures of such good times. The Sun entering the fixed sign Aquarius is known as “Vishnupati Punya Kaalam.” It is the ideal time for refining the mind for realizing concrete goals...

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Maha Magha: Blessings for Your Material and Spiritual Growth


When the Moon aligns with the Magha star in the sign Leo while the Sun is in Aquarius during the month of Masi (February/March), you get an opportunity to upgrade your life, both materially and spiritually. Magha is a star of royalty consciousness, power, and leadership, and is ruled by the Pitris, or the Ancestors. The 2016 Masi Magha is Maha Magha, due to the presence of Jupiter with the Full Moon. ..

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Rahu Transiting to Leo and Ketu to Aquarius


Rahu and Ketu, the two shadow planets are moving into new signs - Rahu transiting to Leo and Ketu to Aquarius. The new zodiac signs they enter have been found to be generally favorable though consulting your natal chart would confirm about your personal life. AstroVed will be performing remedies on January 30th, 2016 (according to Drik almanac), well-timed to tap into the energies and boost your life. ..

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New Revelations for Worshipping Ganesha on 14th Waning Moon


Participate in the 14th Moon Ganesha remedy to know the new revelations about Ganesha from Dr. Pillai. There is a secret behind worshipping Ganesha with Durva grass. He is calmed and appeased when you offer him this grass. Worshipping Ganesha with this grass on 14th Moon or Chaturdasi will make your prayers very effective...

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Interactive Fire Rituals


Fire Rituals/Homas are an effective technology allowing you to heal problems at their root cause. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It lends itself to be the mediator between humans and Gods and is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak...

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Timing is Everything: 2016 AstroVed Calendar


Timing is everything, and your 2016 Essential Timing Calendar is available now. The Muhurtha is a timing tool used in Astrology to determine the most superior or most beneficial times to start or stop events, including remedies or corrective rituals. Order your 2016 AstroVed Calendar and be prepared for the optimal times ahead...

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Uncommon Wealth Solutions for Financial Independence


The Uncommon Wealth Solutions package will help to prepare yourself and prime your consciousness for wealth. This special wealth program reveals Dr. Pillai's secrets to creating both inner and outer wealth. This all-encompassing formula provides everything you need to create wealth faster than you can imagine.....

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Special Personal Transformation Program to Change Your Destiny


This is a unique coaching program which gives you the opportunity to receive personal coaching into the scared teachings of the Siddhas as revealed by Enlightened Siddha Master Dr. Pillai. You need coaching to help you succeed. You will work one-on-one with coach Sunny Dasgupta who is trained and blessed by Dr. Pillai to assist in your transformation. Special Personal Transformation Program is designed only for committed people who want to change..

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