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AstroVed offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. Our tools will help you understand and evaluate your life. This will help to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with, by performing remedies and then maximizing the future potential. Connect to the success vibes with our special astrology services.

Navratri – Festival of 9 Nights Begins on October 13th, 2015 (IST)


Goddess worship is a Super Technology, and only a few adepts know the secrets for accessing the Goddess. Dr. Pillai knows the secrets. For Navratri 2015, he will reveal secret Goddess teachings, so that the Goddess becomes alive for you. These teachings are called Navakkari in Tamil. They explain the use of nine important mantras. This is a rare opportunity and Dr. Pillai wishes to make the Goddess available for all. To that end we have created 4..

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Navratri Products – A Carry Forward from 9 Nights of Goddesses beginning October 13th, 2015 (IST)


The Goddess is beauty, intelligence, wealth and complete positivity. She is the source for everything that is beautiful and enjoyable in your life. To help you connect with the Goddess during Navratri we selected an array of sacred devices for understanding and realizing the Divine Goddess in your life. Such as, statues, crystal malas, and pens. Goddess statues are not only decorative pieces, they will be turned into very powerful means to carry ..

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Interactive Fire Rituals


Fire Rituals/Homas are key in solutioning your problems at their root cause. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It lends itself to be the mediator between humans and Gods and is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak...

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Spectacular Vishnu Saturdays for Wealth Creation


This year the Purattasi festival will be celebrated on 5 Saturdays. Our astrologers are amazed with the unique Astrological Synchronicity and Power of those precise days. Vishnu, the God of Wealth, has a unique power on these Saturdays. He is particularly effective in minimizing negative effects from Saturn. Vishnu descended into the Earth plane in human form of Venkateshwara (Lord Tirupati) ..

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Sani Pradosham: October 10th, 2015 (IST)


Karmic Time gets confused during the Pradosham hour and time is reversed. The 13th Moon on a Saturday, is the day on which Lord Shiva drank the poison of the world. What was this “poison” that Shiva drank? The poisons are illness, decay, aging, death, negativity. So Sani Pradosham reverses time, reverses aging, reverses decay, and clears karma that has accumulated over aeons of incarnations. During Maha Sani Pradosham, the divine archetype..

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Mahalaya Paksha 15 Days to Change Your Destiny, September 28th – October 12th, 2015 (IST)

Mahalaya Amavasya

Mahalaya Paksha is a critical two-week period for you to receive your ancestors' blessings. This is a critical time to perform a powerful but general tarpanam but most important, you can also perform Tarpanam for specific problems like: joblessness, bad relationships, even diseases. If your ancestor suffered from a disease then it is also likely to be in your soul genetics. Mahalaya is when you can perform a tarpanam that is relevant for you, ens..

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