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AstroVed offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. Our tools will help you understand and evaluate your life. This will help to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with, by performing remedies and then maximizing the future potential. Connect to the success vibes with our special astrology services.

Karthigai Somavaram – 4 Special Mondays of Lord Shiva


Karthigai Somavaram, the four Mondays that occur during the month of Karthigai (November - December), is dedicated to Lord Shiva. On these special Mondays, when you pray to him, he helps in clearing your karma and acquiring super intelligence for manifesting desires. Offer your prayers to Shiva on these four special Mondays and receive His blessings...

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Venus Enters Libra, Nov 30 (IST): Attract Abundant Fortune, Beauty


Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury and material comforts will enter his own sign Libra on November 30th (IST) where he is comfortable to disburse gifts of happiness, particularly happiness pertaining to acquisition of material wealth, luxuries etc. Being associated with friendly Rahu and Saturn, will further enhance your abilities to attract financial gains and prosperity. Join us as we propitiate Venus and his overlord Lakshmi on the day of t..

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Birthday of Kala Bhairava on Ashtami: December 3rd, 2015 (IST)


The 8th Waning phase Moon of Dec 3rd is birthday of Kala Bhairava. He is a fierce form of Shiva who can unite Sat with Chit, or God with your mind. When your mind unites with β€œSat”, the existing Cosmos where there is no past, present, future, and you break-free from a pre-conditioned mindset to create a new reality...

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Nava Narasimha Grand Group Fire Ritual: December 8th (IST)


Narasimha, the most intense of all incarnations of Vishnu is the energy that ruthlessly destroys your enemies, protects you from diseases, mishaps and blesses you with victory, prosperity and abundance. December 8th (IST) supports the combination of energies opportune to invoke the energies of Narasimha and that is why we chose the day to perform grand Nava Narasimha fire ritual to be conducted by trained Vaishnavite priests. ..

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Best Day to Clear Your Debts – December 8th (IST)


December 8th is a perfect day to clear debts. The day is called Runa Vimochana Pradosham. Runa means debt and Vimochana means to become free from or to be relieved from. December 8th (IST) supports the perfect combination of the 13th Moon falling on a Tuesday, a day ruled by Mars; therefore, our debt-clearance rituals on this day will be very powerful...

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2016 Yearly Predictions Personalised Report


A Personalized Predictions Report for 2016 will reveal the opportunities and challenges due to the transitory movements of the planets and how this will influence core areas of life: Money, Career, Relationships & Health. Our expert astrologers will analyse both your birth chart and all the planetary transits of 2016 to create your customized predictions report. Order your 2016 yearly predictions personalised report today to set your goals ahe..

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Interactive Fire Rituals


Fire Rituals/Homas are an effective technology allowing you to heal problems at their root cause. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It lends itself to be the mediator between humans and Gods and is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak...

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