Connect with Your Ancestors & Overcome Your Limitations
Thai Amavasya 2014: January 30th, IST

Sasa Yoga

New Moons are powerful time to interact with the ancestors and seek their blessings to weed out blockages in life. Our ancestors hold mystical powers and have authority over our lives. The disembodied existence after death gives them an added power to make a difference in our destiny. Their blessings will mark great miracles in the life of those who exist on the material plane.

This year Thai Amavasya falls on a Thursday under the star, Uttarashada. The star lord for Uttarashada is the Sun. The Sun governs the Pitrus (Ancestors). On Thai Amavasya, the Sun and the Moon are free from any malefic influence from the planets, so there will not be any sort of impediments in receiving your ancestors blessings. This is a special and rare Pure Amavasya.

Thai Amavasya 2014

Thai Amavasya or the New Moon in the Vedic month of Thai is important as it is the first New Moon after the Winter Solstice. If the ancestors are unsatisfied for some reason it will act as an interference in your way to lead a peaceful life. Challenges will will haunt you in relationships, health, finances, career etc. However, performing Tarpanam rituals to your ancestors will act as a harmonious accord. You can express your gratitude to them by offering them Tarpanam as a token of thanksgiving. It will appease your ancestors and they in turn will bless you with a life without hindrances.

Our Vedic specialists have been trained for years in communicating and feeding ancestors who have departed. They perform Tarpanam on a specific date and time, using sacred ‘food’ items, chanting prescribed mantras and vocalizing sounds that positively influence the departed ancestors.

The word “Tarpanam” means “satisfying” or “satiating”. As per the Vedas, Tarpanam on New Moon days (Amavasya) - especially on Thai Amavasya is best to reach out your beloved ancestors. Fasting on a new moon day is considered significant as it helps to alert one's consciousness as it has a spiritual link with the departed souls who till evening, remain with their relatives on earth.

How can Tarpanam Benefit You

  • Ward off the sins of your 7 generation of ancestors
  • Solve your issues related to money, health, relationships
  • Liberate your ancestors from any curse
  • Negate the unwanted desires
  • Bring the gifts of peace and longevity

Karuppasamy and New Moon


New Moon days are considered as an auspicious day to offer rituals to Karuppasamy. In India, especially in South Indian state Tamil Nadu, Lord Karuppasamy is ardently worshipped and He is a village god. Once can find him on the boundaries of the villages or on the outskirts of the villages. The Villagers worship Karuppasamy as their Guardian Angel.

Karuppasamy, the Archetype of Justice, is a very important Performer God. Karuppasamy promises to help all those who seek and deserve justice, money, good health and relationships. He does not need a long explanation, be concise when you ask your question and He will help you solve your problems and provide you with the justice you deserve.

Karuppasamy is a little known village deity who is very similar to Emperor Guan, the Taoist God of War, whose immense popularity rests particularly on his power over demons and evil spirits, and his ability to prevent war. But Karuppasamy is not just a simple village God, He is the combination of 4 Gods; Kala Bhairava, Veerabhadra, Narasimha and Rudra all rolled into one powerful force who puts a quick end to all that is evil. Be it curses, black magic, evil eye or even evil plotting, Karuppasamy can burst it all.

One can find the statue of Lord Karuppasamy riding on horse and is believed that He rides around the villages on horse to protect the people and his devotees. He is very strong in his appearance, wears a turban, has a big moustache and bright eyes. He is always equipped with spear and machete to protect His devotees. Usually the idols of Karuppasamy can be found at the entrance of every Hindu temple. He services as a security guard to the deities present inside the temples. Lord Karuppasamy also stands as a guard for the 18 steps of Sabarimala, the powerful vortex of Lord Ayyappa.

As per the legends , Karuppasamy is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He has a fleet of army called the Bhoota Ganas under his control. In every Karuppasamy temple, where Karuppasamy is the primary deity, one will find the huge statues of these Bootha Ganas outside the temple standing on both sides as Karuppasamy’s soldiers. He has different forms.

Astrology and Health

Astrology, the study of celestial bodies in relation to human beings, helps to study the planetary positions and stars to correctly interpret the reasons behind our health issues. It also helps to identify the remedial measures to deal with it. Though, astrology is not a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment, it has the power to understand the celestial forces influencing the health of a person.

There are subtle energies emanating from the sky upon people, plants, animals and the earth itself. The astrological chart is the tool that can give clues on one’s good or ill-health, accidents and even timings. The right diet, the right location and livelihood, the right relationships, and the right spiritual practices can all be used to balance the energies so as to remain hale and hearty.

Expert Vedic astrologers successfully trace out the cosmic influences which determine your health condition as each planet governs specific body functions and parts of the anatomy. For eg: Lord Sun is related with Bones, heart, general vitality and spine while Lord Moon is related with heart-mind relation (feelings, emotions and psychological factors), body fluids, blood and stomach. Likewise, other planets have their own role in governing one’s health. The other advantage of Vedic astrology is that it will also give you the best days to perform certain Health remedies that will bring down the intensity of the ill-effects that you might need to face.