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Connect Deeply With Your Ancestors and Access Their Divinity,
January 20, 2015 (IST)

On New Moon days, spirits of your ancestors come closer to the Earth plane and this is the time when you can connect to them closely. On these days, Vedic priests conduct Tarpanam, a powerful ritual of honoring ancestors. The word "Tarpanam" means "satisfying" or "satiating". There is an age old tradition for making special offerings to ancestors: feeding them and setting them free to transform into light. When you liberate them from Earth by transmitting your goodwill and grace they are able to travel toward light and become Divine spirits.

How Divine spirits of your ancestors can help you on Earth? Though your forefathers left their physical form on this Earth plane, many times their spirits keep hovering around – they often find themselves trapped on Earth by deep seated feelings and other issues. As you happen to carry the energies of their spirit, they continue to live in you with their attitudes, failures and negative experiences. However, when they become Divine they can bless you to fulfill your wishes. Blessings of your ancestors are very powerful because of their deep connection with you.

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Power rituals for Thai Amavasya 2015

Essential Thai Amavasya Rituals Package
  • Group Tarpanam in Kerala on January 20, 2015 (IST)
Essential Thai Amavasya

Tarpanam done by a group of special Vedic priests through elaborate rituals and chanting of hymns is a strong way of invoking our ancestor spirits through powerfully charged atmosphere.

On Thai Amavasya New Moon day, souls of our departed ancestors visit the Earth plane. Through the rituals of Tarpanam we can satisfy our ancestors’ spirits and express our gratitude. In fact, it is the most powerful way of honoring our ancestors. Special offerings are made to thank ancestors for their contribution in our life, and pray for peace to their souls.

Offering Tarpanam through religious ways has special significance on this day. Participating in such group rituals is a great act toward salvation – liberating your ancestors’ spirits and liberating yourself from being stuck in certain conditions of life.

Enhanced Thai Amavasya Rituals Package

Note: This Enhanced Package includes all Products & Services contained in the above Essential Package plus the following:

  • Group Ravi Chandra Homa (Sun-Moon Homa) on January 20, 2015 (IST)
  • Feeding cows with rice mixed in dal and ghee on January 20, 2015 (IST)
  • Feeding the poor and needy on January 20, 2015 (IST)
Enhanced Thai Amavasya

Benevolent and righteous actions strengthen your soul and enable you to connect with Divine spirits easily.

On January 20, 2015 (IST) Moon will be placed in the star of the Sun, Uttarashada. In astrology, the Sun, the most powerful of all planets signifies our natural father and the Moon denotes our mother. Hence, Sun is called the natural pitru karaka and the Moon, matru karaka. Souls of ancestors from father’s lineage are said to be in the Surya (the Sun) loka and those from mother’s side reside in Chandra (the Moon) loka. On performing the Ravi Chandra Homa our ancestors’ souls in these lokas will be in peace. They will bless you with prosperity and good health.

Cow is considered to be a sacred animal. All gods, goddesses and ancestors reside in it. Feeding a cow on this day is same as feeding ancestors.

Donating money or food to the poor and needy will help in removing any curse of poverty and connect with the Divine.

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Premier Thai Amavasya Rituals Package

Note: This Premier Package includes all Products & Services contained in the above  Enhanced Package plus the following:

  • Individual Maha Tarpanam on January 20, 2015 (IST) in Kerala
Premier Thai Amavasya

Maha Tarpanam is a seven day, individualized ritual to release the spirit from being trapped in the Earth’s astroplane. If someone close to you, such as your parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse or dear friend has passed away, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. This ritual is also good for those departed souls who experienced untimely death, including interrupted pregnancy – such spirits may have difficulty moving away from Earth and need to be satisfied to liberate them. By participating in Individual Maha Tarpanam you will be able to liberate the spirits as well as seek blessings of happy spirits for wealth and happy relationships in your life.

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Karuppasamy Group Fire Ritual

New Moon days are considered auspicious for offering rituals to Karuppasamy. Karuppasamy is called the God of Justice as He has zero tolerance toward evil. Being closer to the Earth plane makes him more compassionate to sufferings of people. Karuppasamy promises to help all those who seek and deserve justice, money, good health and relationships. He puts a quick end to all that is evil. Be it curses, black magic, evil eye or even evil plotting, Karuppasamy can burst it all. Participate in the Karuppasamy rituals and receive his blessings.

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Astrological Significance of Thai Amavasya – January 20, 2015 (IST)

Thai Amavasya 2015

It is the first month of a brand new year and therefore time to make peace in your circle of life, even with souls of the deceased. As you liberate them, the road to your prosperity also becomes free of obstacles.

It is a Tuesday and Amavasya or New Moon on Tuesday will bring in the ancestors’ blessings to wipe out your bad financial karma and bad relationship karma. Mars is the ruler of the day and He also governs relationship and money karma (debts). Out of all our Karmas, the karmas that we have inherited from our ancestors create a strong impact in our lives. If you are carrying any curses from them you may not be able to move forward in life as they may affect your health and wealth.

To come out of financial problems, debts or to have a good relationship life, Mars should be well placed in one’s birth chart. Fortunately, this year the planet Mars is in the sign Aquarius. The sign Aquarius has a hidden potential of positive energy that can bring out the best qualities of any planets say from Jupiter to Rahu. It is said that Mars does not cause any affliction when in Aquarius. This is good for relationships.

The sign Aquarius is the 11th house of the natural zodiac. Thus, as the 11th sign it will relieve you from financial karma as well.

How you can connect with your Ancestors? You can access ancestral spirits both on your father’s and mother’s sides. You can connect to their 6 generations of ancestors or more. By partaking in special rituals of special New Moon days you will be able to connect with them – it can help you in clearing your karma miraculously.

During twilight hours in Heaven, Gods are in a pleasant mood: Margazhi month is a divine and highly spiritual time when the mind is prone to acquire divinity. This month falls in the end of Winter Solstice or Dakshinayana and in the beginning of Summer Solstice or Uttarayana, the twilight hours for Gods. During these hours, spiritual beings devote themselves to realization of God within. Therefore, religious practices like chanting mantras and performing fire sacrifice are sacred efforts toward realization of God.