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AstroVed Testimonials

Customer Support

Thanks Arul for the support and following up on the entire order processing.

I worked for Amazon.com and we know how important it is to treat every customer issue and needs.

Today I could sense there is an Indian organization that too a Religious one which has Customer service as its core objectives.

Customer Support

The customer service was outstanding. Prompt, courteous and I felt the person on the other end really took the time to resolve and see my issue through as well as make sure my order was completely walked through the process giving me confidence that it will indeed be fully fulfilled.

This is a significant change from my interaction with customer service last year when I found it largely unresponsive and indeed insensitive.

Bravo on real improvement and thank you for your efforts today.

Service Proficiency

Grahapravesam Service

My humble namaste,

Puja was to complete satisfaction for my family.

My heartiest thanks to you Mr. Sivakumar and your team.


Service Proficiency

Graha Pravesam on 9th JUNE, 2016

The rituals went very well. The priest was on time, professional, thorough and accommodating. We were late to our own function! He was patient and made sure things are not rushed because of the lack of time.

My family was very happy at the end of the ceremony. I already recommended your services to my friends.

Thank you very much.

Food Feeding At Rameshwaram On New Moon Day!

I have been a regular client of Astroved for 5 years now. I have become a big fan of Astroved’s ancestor rituals as I find they produce immediate benefits. I recently requested a personal ritual to be conducted on my mother’s behalf called “Brahmin Bohjan” where a ritualistic feeding is arranged for Brahmins. I had requested the ritual to be performed such that food could be arranged for 51 Brahmins on a new moon day. Astroved staff and in particular Mr. Sivakumar, were very quick and efficient in organizing the event. ‎ They also sent me pictures of the bhojan after completion. I was very happy with the outcome and will continue to perform this Brahmin Bhojan on a regular basis.

Thanks to the Astroved and Rameshwaram team!

Nadi Astrology - Nadi Astrology

Nadi at Astroved is so accurate and astonishing. Some of my life events only known to me, came through Nadi. Future predictions also happened within the time frame mentioned in Nadi.

Live Astrology Consultation - Nadi Astrology

Valli is an excellent astrologer, she has a vast amount of knowledge in Vedic Astrology. She discussed everything step by step. She identified the current problem and prescribed remedies to get rid of the cloud. From today’s consultation I realised that planets are neither good nor bad. In conclusion, she provided an excellent service to me.

Narasimha Sastry K V - Astrologer - Nadi Astrology

I am impressed with the precision , analysis , and guidance given without dramatizing issues. narasimha garu has excellent astro acumen and understanding of the karmic manifestation and has the ability to communicate to the remedy seeker in a way which percolates immediately into the mind and though of the seeker.

reinforces my view as astrology being a science.

Warm Regards

Mahesh Vodela Gupta

Astrologer List and Profile - Nadi Astrology


You guys have a good site and provide great services.

It’ll be nice if you could also provide a link to a list of all the astroved astrologers and profile on each of them.

It’ll be helpful and let customers choose or request for a specific astrologer.

Thanks :-)

Live Astrology Consultation

I just had an Astrology reading with Valli today. Highly recommend it! For me Valli’s approach, insight and interpretations were completely in alignment with how I receive information as well as how I resonate with the Divine.
Valli’s explanations of planetary placements and their effects in my life made complete sense and gave me a higher understanding of what was required on my part to align myself with the planets and their overlords.

suggestion - Live Astrology Consultation

plz do not change the format (the graph should be there) ….trust me the weekly graph was the best

Its true - Horoscope

Most of the predictions are true for me

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