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AstroVed Testimonials

Live Astrology Consultation

Valli is an excellent astrologer, she has a vast amount of knowledge in Vedic Astrology. She discussed everything step by step. She identified the current problem and prescribed remedies to get rid of the cloud. From today’s consultation I realised that planets are neither good nor bad. In conclusion, she provided an excellent service to me.

Narasimha Sastry K V - Astrologer

I am impressed with the precision , analysis , and guidance given without dramatizing issues. narasimha garu has excellent astro acumen and understanding of the karmic manifestation and has the ability to communicate to the remedy seeker in a way which percolates immediately into the mind and though of the seeker.

reinforces my view as astrology being a science.

Warm Regards

Mahesh Vodela Gupta

Astrologer List and Profile


You guys have a good site and provide great services.

It’ll be nice if you could also provide a link to a list of all the astroved astrologers and profile on each of them.

It’ll be helpful and let customers choose or request for a specific astrologer.

Thanks :-)

Live Astrology Consultation

I just had an Astrology reading with Valli today. Highly recommend it! For me Valli’s approach, insight and interpretations were completely in alignment with how I receive information as well as how I resonate with the Divine.
Valli’s explanations of planetary placements and their effects in my life made complete sense and gave me a higher understanding of what was required on my part to align myself with the planets and their overlords.

suggestion - Live Astrology Consultation

plz do not change the format (the graph should be there) ….trust me the weekly graph was the best

Its true - Horoscope

Most of the predictions are true for me

Daily Predictions - Horoscope

Daily predictions are very accurate , appreciate your Team for their in deep understanding of Astrology

new look is good - Horoscope

astroved new look is very good and user friendly. i regularly visit this site for vedic remedies for any paranormal solutions. i like it very much.

Financial Problem Got Solved

Dear Priest Premaraja,
1. From November 12 – November 17, I participated in the Skanda Shasti rituals.
2. On December 19th, I listened to Baba’s Real Wealth webcast.
3. On December 20th, I participated in the 11th Moon 10 Incarnations of Vishnu Fire Lab & Hydration Ritual.
4. On December 21st, I chanted Baba’s Gayatri Mantra for the Winter Solstice.
And….TODAY, 12/22, I received a totally-unexpected check in the mail, in the amount of $2,100.00!
Thank you, Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Kubera! Thank you, Dattatreya Siva Baba for the precious gift of your teachings! Thank you, Priest Premaraj for all of your beautiful work!
Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee!

14th Moon Ganesha Ritual

The recent Fire Lab on 14th Moon for Lord Ganesha was fantastic. It lasted for 2 hrs with 1008 Ganesha mantra chants and offering of the Ganesh grass. Just at 5 mins to closing, I had a call from home about an issue that I had with my building project, and it was sorted in 5 minutes. This has been dragging for over six months now, and I was planning to go to Africa to sort it out. Lord Ganesha’s obstacle bulldozer levelled that mountain in 5 minutes. Thank you, Babaji, and thank the gods for the revelation just at the right time for me.

Betel Leaf Reading

Hi Vijayalakshmi,I thank you very much for the reading,very much appreciated and i am working on what had been said and looking forward to receive the remedies as mention in the reading. Sorry for taking long to get back to you, I was outside london away from home.I thank you again and it was very nice experience, very nice lady.

Betel Leaf Reading

Dear Astroved

It was a very useful and productive session.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi doesnot seem to be a mundane astrologer , with just reading charts and saying. She starts with a prayer and ends with a prayer…and through out the session, she tries her best to go “beyond” and see the implication of the betel leaf and the accompanying chart . This will require a good level of third eye intuition. The clarity of thought is there.
The questions are answered fully and she does never ever hurries through .She takes time and analyses and then goes into the next question. All her insights about my present situation and frame of mind regarding all questions have been absolutely correct. Hence the future predictions are bound to come true. Her insights on worship and prayers are correct . She emphasizes on a relationship not just transactional( give and take ) with the Divine but to go beyond .

I thank her for her time and patience in-spite of the Chennai floods and wish her well. I hope to remain in touch with her not just because I will have problems or seek predictions but it is good to have good company . I am sure she will be a good solace to all the people who seek her consultations. I hope to meet her and greet her while in Chennai.
I thank Astroved for the Betel leaf initiative. Its not easy to digitize such practices and the attempt itself deserves an applause .
Wish all of you all the very best.

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