What Does the Summer Solstice Foretell for You?
Energized Meditation and Power of 6 Protection Yantra

The summer solstice of 2013 was on June 21st, and it is a major celestial event that marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. Astrologically, it is a better time to make a New Year's resolution than New Year's day (the Vedic New Year is also good). We have lost the significance of the Sun's movement, because science and technology has taken us far away from nature, with a loss of sensitivity to the natural happenings around us. The ancient people lived in harmony with nature and innately knew the power of the Sun. That is why the Sun worship is widely practiced in the whole world, everywhere, regardless how sophisticated or primitive that civilization might be.

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Power Rituals on Summer Solstice

Astrological Analysis


The Summer Solstice takes place with the active affliction of Rahu and Saturn to the major planets: Jupiter, Sun and Saturn. This affliction suggests that political unrest and extreme weather conditions will continue for another 6 months. The World financial markets may experience reduced growth except for commodities which should remain strong.

In light of the above prediction, AstroVed is making available our unique Protection Yantra & Meditation with 6 protection symbols & weapons carried by Divine beings. These weapons are effectively used against any and all negative forces. The Protection Yantra is very helpful because it provides divine protection, without you having to think about it. All that you need to do is to keep that Yantra with you, put in on your desk or hang it on the wall. Even if you don't look at the Yantra, it will do its job. They will be energized on the Full Moon on July 22nd. Place your order at the earliest, as these are custom made and your name and birthstar are sketched into the Yantra.

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Summer Solstice 2013


The Christians also recognized the significance of this time, the feast of St. John, the Baptist, falls towards the end of June and the festival of Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light is also at this time.

The yogis also figured out that the movement of the Sun affects your brain in a significant way, just as it affects the weather and the environment. The Sun is associated with the left brain and the left brain can give you intense spiritual experiences because it figures out the language, which is the tool through which you understand things. This is a day to remember the Gayathri chant, the most important chant of the yogis. Gayathri is a prayer to the Sun.

Gayathri Mantra for the Sun

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

Go on chanting and chanting and chanting. You will go beyond the meaning of prayer, which is asking the sun to enlighten your consciousness. The syllables are important; the sounds are important, more important than the meaning. Then you will be led to a higher state of consciousness, brilliant as the sun with a lot of energy, light and happiness. Let us welcome the summer solstice, so that you will have a renewed life of joy, happiness and peace for the entire world.

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