Saturn Direct in Libra
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Saturn went direct on July 21st (IST), and he wraps up a remarkable 3 year exaltation period in Libra. Only 105 Days remain to connect with an Exalted Saturn. So, don’t miss this opportunity to receive an Exalted Saturn`s favor, which will not happen again for another 30 years. Making this an important time to perform Saturn remedies, whether it is a mantra you perform at home or participation in weekly Saturn fire labs.

Saturn is a tough task master, especially when correcting wrong views or attitudes. However, while Saturn is exalted, he will be in a flexible mode, which will reduce his harsh nature. Saturn is in Libra, the natural sign for relationships, and when he turns direct there will be more comfort in your relationships. Inner tension that has developed in the past 4 months will now melt away. Likewise, in your career, you will find obstacles that had appeared in the past 4 months will now be resolved. During the final exaltation period of Saturn, we will be energizing a special Saturn-Jupiter Mala. This is for the benefit of our members because when Saturn moves into Scorpio on November 2nd (IST) he will receive an aspect from an exalted Jupiter forming a Kubera Yoga, (Yoga for Wealth Accumulation). An energized Saturn-Jupiter Mala will help you accumulate wealth, so we will be energizing the Mala for 15 Saturdays, while Saturn is still in exaltation. This mala will be fully charged with the KUBERA yoga energy after November 2nd.

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Power Rituals for Saturn Direct in Libra 2014

Energized Jupiter - Saturn (Kubera Yoga Mala)
Kubera Yoga Mala

We have energized the Jupiter - Saturn Mala (Kubera Yoga Mala) during the exaltation period of Saturn in the special Saturn fire rituals. When Saturn moves into Scorpio, after November 2nd, the aspect of exalted Jupiter forms Kubera Yoga, the Yoga for accumulation of wealth. This energized mala will help you activate and access the KUBERA yoga energy after November 2nd, IST.

Saturn Direct in Libra 2014: Energized Jupiter Saturn Mala (Kubera Yoga)
Saturn Direct in Libra 2014: Energized Jupiter  Saturn Mala (Kubera Yoga)

We have energized the Jupiter - Saturn Mala (Kubera Yoga Mala) during the exaltation period of Saturn in the special Saturn fire rituals. When Saturn

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All Saturn Transits Have a Major Impact On Your Life

Saturn Direct in Libra

All planets influence life; however, Saturn has a major impact in whichever house he transits to or occupies. Many people are fearful of Saturn due to the hardships people face under his influence. He teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we come up short. During his transit you often tend to experience what is considered the more 'negative' of his manifestations as he points out what area or areas you need to rework.

Who do you become when life brings you the worst experiences?

It will be a pain point however Saturn does not inflict random, purposeless, painful experiences. He teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble by putting you through difficulties. Sometimes it may feel as trial by fire but remember it only tough love. It is in your darkest moments that you either become more grateful and aware or become self-focused only and depressed for what has happened to you.

Libra is a Balancer

Libra rules the natural 7th House and is concerned with partnership, balance and justice. This house allows you to be more balanced and detached especially when making decisions. Mediation is a key word as it brings the ability to see both sides impartially.

Libra Gives Saturn a Personality Change and He Becomes the Great Leveler

As Saturn is exalted in Libra and he may give his usual teaching methods of delays, detachments, and sufferings, but Saturn will also attract major responsibilities and enable you to handle them, give you discipline and focus in business, bring commitment to relationships and bring democracy to governments.

Task Master Saturn Sends an Invitation to Mastery of The Self

Wherever Saturn treads within our chart by transit is where we are being offered the opportunity to master an area of our lives. Understand the power of Saturn as his influence is great. He is like a master surgeon who surgically removes the tumors on our souls. Surgery is painful but it is also necessary to remove the hardships that are blocking our true fulfilment and purpose. It may feel as you are suffering because of his tough, seemingly discompassionate actions but the fact is you are working out your karma. This will help you to clear your way for higher consciousness, prosperity and good health.