Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit into Libra: 2011 - 2014

Saturn Transit Update - Saturn Returns to Virgo

(May 16th – August 4th 2012)

Saturn represents hardship and difficulty and also the energy of getting things done whereas Virgo lends the ability to pay attention to details. Together, they make this the most conducive time to start acting and to strategize your urgent and important tasks in your life.

While we have not emphasized much about the retrograde transit of Saturn back into Virgo from May 16th – August 4th, IST Saturn’s return to Virgo for 11 weeks cannot be ignored as his influences are always far reaching.

A planet in retrograde does not mean a planet actually travels backwards. Retrograde refers to an optical illusion, like driving in a car that speeds past a slow-moving train -- as the train recedes, it appears to go backward. Our Earth is moving around the Sun at a faster rate than the Planet Saturn. As the Earth “passes” Saturn, Saturn appears to be moving backwards, and as we look back to view Saturn he no longer appears to be in Libra, but rather in Virgo, because our position has changed, not Saturn’s.

What real impact does this retrograde motion into another sign, like Saturn returning to Virgo, have on you, on a practical day-to-day life level?

On a practical level, with this retrograde movement, you will experience similar events that occurred when Saturn was actually in Virgo in 2010 and 2011. This is actually an ideal time to burn away negative karma but it requires intense action. That is why we recommend performing remedies at least on the first Saturday after the transit this week, but also as you feel it is required, during the next 11 Saturdays.

Premier Saturn Energy Vortex

Saturn energy vortex is well known for relieving Saturn’s influences. This is the only vortex/temple where Lord Saturn lost all his power to Lord Shiva, who saved a devotee from Saturn's curses. On Saturn transit days, it is thronged with pilgrims appealing Saturn’s verdict. We have attained ‘Special Arrangement’ entrance to be able to perform the Archana on your behalf.

Saturn Pooja Kit

Saturn Remedy KitPooja Remedy to Saturn is important as this planet is ‘The Agent of Your Karma’. Especially but not exclusively, when you are running your Saturn Dasha or Bukti, have Saturn in your 8th house and of course when you are running your 7 ½ year phase of Sade Sati. Make use of the Saturn Pooja kit for your remedy.

Saturn Yantra

The use of Saturn yantra will prove to be very advantageous! It can bring success in worldly affairs, success in business and help you to reach lofty heights.

Saturn Incense

Lighting incense cones for Saturn will lead you towards disciplined life, responsibility, humbleness. It help you gain peace of mind and will to nullify the ill effects of Saturn in your life.

Transcription of General Saturn Transit Predictions by Moon Signs

All Saturn Transits Have a Major Impact On Your Life

All planets influence life however Saturn has a major impact in whichever house he transits to or occupies. He moves stealth-like and doesn't miss a chance to deliver his particular type of life lesson.

Many people are fearful of Saturn due to the hardships people face under his influence. He teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we come up short. During his transit you often tend to experience what is considered the more 'negative' of his manifestations as he points out what area or areas you need to rework.

Who do you become when life brings you the worst experiences?

It will be a pain point however Saturn does not inflict random, purposeless, painful experiences. He teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble by putting you though difficulties. Sometimes it may feel as trial by fire but remember it only tough love. It is in your darkest moments that you either become more grateful and aware or become self-focused only and depressed for what has happened to you.

Libra is a Balancer

Libra rules the natural 7th House and is concerned with partnership, balance and justice. This house allows you to be more balanced and detached especially when making decisions. Mediation is a key word as it brings the ability to see both sides impartially.

Libra Gives Saturn a Personality Change and He Becomes the Great Leveler

As Saturn is exalted in Libra and he may give his usual teaching methods of delays, detachments, and sufferings, but Saturn will also attract major responsibilities and enable you to handle them, give you discipline and focus in business, bring commitment to relationships and bring democracy to governments.

Who we become in these moments ultimately defines who we really are. Future pains can be prevented by just listening to the cues around us. Will you rise to the challenge?

Task Master Saturn Sends an Invitation to Mastery of The Self

Wherever Saturn treads within our chart by transit is where we are being offered the opportunity to master an area of our lives.

Understand the power of Saturn as his influence is great. He is like a master surgeon who surgically removes the tumors on our souls. Surgery is painful but it is also necessary to remove the hardships that are blocking our true fulfilment and purpose.

It may feel as you are suffering because of his tough, seemingly discompassionate actions but the fact is you are working out your karma. This will help you to clear your way for higher consciousness, prosperity and good health.

Your Personalized Saturn Transit Report Will Guide You Through Saturn's Challenges Over the Next 3 Years

A Saturn Transit is an opportunity to strengthen an area in your life that has been operating dysfunctionaly and now needs to function optimally in order to assist you in traveling your path successfully.

Work with Saturn instead of resisting his current lessons. You will come to a better understanding of Saturnian experiences and be able to move through this period of Saturn transit with more grace and ease.

What can I do during the Saturn Period?

First learn idea of how this transit will impact you. Find out the general predictions according to your Moon Sign.These are general predictions and they may vary as many other factors in your personal chart matter.

Personalized Saturn Transit Report - 3 Years

As we are all unique, a personal Saturn Transit reading will predict your next 3 years according to your birth chart and other planets which come under the influence. You will be provided with specific details of what to expect and suggested ways to lessen the impact and make the best of the favorable energies.

The above are general predictions per signs. To view what a customized report based on your birth chart looks like, please Click here.