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The Saturn-Rahu Conjunction is Coming
Be Extra Mindful this August & September 2013
Opportunity to Amass Wealth and Fame

August begins a challenging couple of months. Mercury, Venus and Mars will become weak during August. Mercury is weak in Cancer and Mars will join Mercury in Cancer where both will be aspected by Saturn. Venus will move into Virgo where he is debilitated. The combined stress may impact your communication, logic and relationships. Staying Alert, Rested and Positive will keep most problems at bay.

Keep in mind that the next couple of months it will be easy to overreact and for misunderstandings and poor communication to arise. This is all leading up to the Saturn, Rahu, and Venus conjunction in Libra that we mentioned back in June. The effects are starting to be felt. Saturns “exalted” state is certain to bring about Truth and Justice as Libra brings us the Balancing Scales of Justice. This is a planetary pattern that brings about transformation, a time for an Inner Revolution. It is a time for Divine Justice.

Why is this happening? It's because of the positioning of the snake planet Rahu, and Saturn in Libra. You won't have this opportunity for another 150 years. AstroVed is planning several remedies during this time and I want you to take advantage of this opportunity to fix your life, not only fix your life but also it's the time for fulfilling the dreams in your heart. Whether it is buying a home, or starting a business, or getting a job that you like. If you have not been able to accomplish these things, this is the time that you will have a breakthrough. Take advantage of this very special time. Dr. Pillai has directed that AstroVed offer powerful protection and amplification rituals during this time to correct Divine Injustices and give you the personal power Blessings for High Self Esteem to take positive, assertive action in your life. As such we are offering you ways to participate and receive Blessings and protection during this rare window of opportunity.

Rahu-Saturn in Libra Astrological Analysis:


Saturn and Rahu are together in Libra, this arrangement in a chart shows one is cursed by their ancestors. But what does that mean for you? It means you can remove ancestor curses that go back many generations from your family tree. The summer months should be fine but the critical month is September, when the exact conjunction takes place and the tension will be at it's peak. The close conjunction of Rahu and Saturn will take place during the month of Navaratri, this is a remedy by itself. Also the aspect of Jupiter is still considered a benefic for this combination and will reduce negative outcomes.

The conjunctions occur at 15 degrees Libra in the Swati constellation. Several negative world events are possible:

  • More unnatural deaths among the people
  • Calamities and famine around the world will be in the news
  • Wide-spread fear of infections or unknown diseases
  • Rise in prices could create worry among people
  • Eminent political leader could be overthrown sometimes violently

  • On the positive side we are likely to see:

    • Harmony from neighboring countries will prevail
    • New revolution in political system
    • Inventions related with space, satellite are possible
    • New financial reforms
    • Truly new inventions are possible
    • Plus deeper spiritual inclination and divine experiences

    Rahu in an Airy sign (Libra) and receiving the aspect of Mars is always a threat. The World Trade Centre was destroyed on 9/11, when Rahu was in the Air sign, Gemini and receiving the aspect of MARS and Jupiter was along with Rahu at that time. This year Jupiter is in Gemini and Rahu in Libra both in the same direction and in airy sign and Rahu receives the aspect of Mars. This shows more possibility for terrorist activity. Also air accidents or even war could break between nations.

    This is all due to debilitated Mars 4th house aspect onto Saturn and Rahu in Libra. Plus Mars is exactly in the centre of Rahu Ketu axis. This causes Mars to have a more of malefic influence to male partners. A simple remedy is for women to give gifts to their brothers, as this will reduce the Mars affliction.

    In conclusion, the exact conjunction day, September 25th, 2013 IST falls on a Wednesday when Mercury transits into Libra, which increases the possibility for earthquakes to be triggered. People in politics and leaders in general need to take more care during this period. Women, stock market and commodity traders should also be cautious.

    The last time both Saturn and Rahu were in Libra was 1864-1865 about 150 years ago. While the United States did abolish slavery, it took a Civil War and the loss of President Abraham Lincoln. The Great Injustice of Slavery was destroyed and freedom brought for many.

    The Impact of Rahu and Saturn in Libra per Moon Sign

    Moon Sign Favorable Unfavorable Remedies
    Aries You would have profound interest to venture into new areas and learn new things and this will make you more confident. There will be some travel associated with work. Spiritual inclination will bestow you with progress and would aid in providing an insight into your future. Wonderful rapport and adequate support from friends and subordinates will keep you in an ecstatic state. There may be setbacks in your health and as a result you will end up with higher medical expenses. Relationship with partners will not be up to the mark and one should adopt a flexible attitude to maintain a good rapport. Avoid stress and anxiety. Practice meditation for better health. Participate in Saturn and Rahu Fire Labs
    Taurus Your career will witness a smooth and steady progress. Financial status tends to offer a good picture. All monetary issues may end on a favorable note by bringing in good gains. There will be smooth and cordial bonding with partners in personal relationship. There will be ample opportunities to show case your skills and abilities to progress well in all fronts. It would be wise to keep a check on your health as there are possibilities of some ailments. There may be setbacks due to some lapse in communication. Clarity of speech is essential to infer good merits. Get valuable inputs from elders and other experts to overcome any ordeals. You may need to develop a strong determination and courage to excel in all areas. Perform Poojas to Lord Rahu on Tuesday
    Gemini There are good chances of realizing gains through speculation, stock market and other forms of trading. Career will witness a smooth and steady progress and bring good benefits. A trip with your family members will refresh you. There will be some concerns and worries with regard to progress of children. Spend some time with children, analyze their problems and open up encouraging dialogues to bring out the best in them. Exercise a sense of caution while taking major decisions. Avoid stress and anxiety. One may suffer from sleep anomalies. It would be nice to practice meditation and mild stretching workouts to enjoy peace of mind and good health. Participate in Fire Labs for Goddess Durga
    Cancer Spiritual involvement will bestow one with development and piece of mind. There will be wonderful results as you will follow valuable inputs from elders and other experts related to particular fields. One will derive happiness and good benefits through journeys. Expenses are likely to be there along with gains. Curb unwarranted expenditures and cultivate the habit of savings for a better tomorrow. It would be wise to stay alert at work front as there are chances for earning negative remarks from your superiors. There may be some misunderstandings and differences with family members or with your spouse. Spend quality time with family members ensure clear communication to avoid any misunderstandings. Practicing yoga and meditation will bestow wonderful benefits. Perform Fire Lab for Lord Rahu
    Leo Courage and determination will aid you in reaping favorable merits in new assignments. One may also experience journeys during this period and there will be materialization of new career opportunities. Financial status does not depict an encouraging picture. Monetary issues may not fetch the desired results. Cut down spending on luxuries to safeguard funds. It would be wise if you avoid an egoistic and a selfish attitude in family relationship to maintain a good understanding. Follow a healthy diet and stick to correct timings. Practice long walks during morning and evening hours and mild stretching workouts to experience good health. Light Lamp to Rahu
    Virgo You will be happy to see the progress of your children. This period will fetch you good gains through speculations and other forms of investments. Quality efforts will yield fruitful results. You will take part in recreations and other amusement activities to beat the stress and monotony involved in the normal course of life. You must exercise a sense of caution and watch your words as misunderstandings may occur while communicating with others. Maintaining a good decorum in office as well as family front will fetch you beneficial results. Practice yoga, meditation and also chart out a balanced diet program to stay in a wonderful health. Perform Pooja to Lord Saturn and Rahu
    Libra There would be divine energies around you to provide guidance in your endeavors. You would be delighted with the progress of your children. There are good chances that you will procure property and derive ultimate happiness. There will be some setbacks in health front and your medical expenses may be high. One must concentrate harder on career front and devise good action plans to avoid disappointments. One has to remain cautious while communicating with others. Financial front does not present a positive picture. Monetary issues may not end amicably and expenses might overtake your incomes. Chart out financial plans well in advance to meet essential commitments. Perform Fire Lab to Lord Saturn and Rahu
    Scorpio One may reap good gains through loans and ancestral property. Sincere efforts will bear fruits. There may be auspicious functions in the family. Try to be vigilant in your work front as superiors may summon you for an enquiry. Anxiety and stress may lower your level of patience. Stay cool and do not give room for frustration or anger. There may even be some setbacks in your health. Practice yoga and meditation regularly to experience peace of mind. Perform Pooja for Lord Saturn
    Sagittarius Sincere efforts will pave way for achieving success. With regard to career, there will be good opportunities coming in your way. Financial issues tend to end on a favorable note by bringing in decent gains. You will get good support from your elder brothers or sisters. Spiritual pursuits will bestow one with progress and peace of mind. You will be concerned about children. Spend quality time with them, analyze their requirements and sort out all problems. There may be some differences with family members. It is essential that you should resort to a flexible attitude to maintain a smooth bonding in family relationship. Postpone taking major decisions during this period. Have a check on your health to ward off ailments. Perform Pooja to Lord Saturn
    Capricorn You will be more focused in your career and would devise proper action plans to bring in meritorious results. Financial position tends to offer a positive picture as there would be good inflow of funds. You will possess courage and confidence while taking important decisions. Friends will be around to offer support. Health needs to be taken care of. Anxiety and a feeling of insecurity will have an adverse impact on you. Follow a good diet pattern and adhere to proper food timings. Go for a long walk during mornings and evenings. Yoga, meditation and other mild stretching workouts would aid in keeping your health fit and stable. Light Lamp to Lord Rahu
    Aquarius Good inflow of funds will keep you in happy mood. Superiors at work will give good credit to your hard efforts. You will experience some travel which may bring in good benefits. Children will make you happy through their deeds. There will be good support from your elder siblings. There may be some differences with elders and one may have to resolve issues with great maturity and compassion. There will be a feeling of insecurity with regard to one's future. Proper planning is essential to get rid of obstacles that come in your way. Light Lamp to Lord Rahu
    Pisces You will be delighted with unexpected inflow of funds. Insurance and lotteries will bring good returns. Sincere and quality efforts will fetch you desired results. Spiritual inclination will boost your energy levels and bestow peace of mind. Adopt a transparent and an honest approach to charm your loved ones in personal relationship. Health may need proper attention. It would be good to practice yoga or participate in divine activities to stay in a wonderful health. Perform Fire Lab to Goddess Durga