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Unique Day to Fix Your Saturn
Saturn’s Birthday: August 29th, IST


You have the rare opportunity to celebrate an exalted Saturn’s birthday. This placement of Saturn only happens twice every 29 years. According to the Tamil Astrology Almanac, Saturn’s Birthday falls on August 29th IST. Currently Saturn is with his friend Rahu in Libra, the sign that represents justice, so Saturn is the executor correcting injustice as per Karma. Saturn is also the indicator of lasting relationships and the bestower of abundant fortunes. He deepens commitments in relationships, gives insights, opportunities and fortitude for the things that really matter in your life and is also a great stabilizer. Donations will assure you good longevity, power and perseverance.

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Overcome the Affliction of Low Self Esteem

Saturn is the planet that rules Low Self Esteem because Saturn had the worst self esteem issues of all the planets. But Saturn went from the worst to being a God, so Saturn knows how to fix you. If you want to fix Self Esteem issues for yourself or a friend then now is the time. You can fix Self Esteem issues while Saturn is Exalted. Call on Saturn with a pooja, fire lab, or a mantra and ask Saturn to fix it.

In Sanskrit Saturn is called shani or shanaishwara. He is the slowest moving planet ,as he takes 2 and a half years to pass through each constellation of the zodiac. Saturn is the planet of karma. He is responsible for one`s troubles and good luck based on the past and present actions. Puranas show that even Gods, Kings, Demons, trinity like shiva, Vishnu and Brahma cannot avoid his influence.

Remedies to Reduce Saturn's Bad Fortune:
1) Light a sesame oil lamp on Saturday and during Saturn horas
2) Donate food and money to physically handicapped people
3) Perform Saturn rituals