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Sasa Yoga and Saturn
Welcome Professional Success and Prosperity

Sasa Yoga

Sasa Yoga is one of important yogas caused by the planet Saturn. It occurs when an exalted Saturn or Saturn in its sign is in quadrant to the Moon. Everybody will not have Sasa yoga in the birth chart; however, this is an opportunity to access the energy of this yoga available on the four days in every month until November 2nd, 2014. This Sasa Yoga energy will not be there in another 9 years.

Sasa yoga provides a good career along with financial prosperity and benefits in professional life. It helps in accomplishing any tasks.

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Sasa Yoga Services and Products

Group Rituals to Saturn - Sasa Yoga 2 Weeks Package
  • Group Fire Ritual and Archana to Saturn on July 20th & 27th, IST
Saturn Rituals

This year until November when Jupiter is exalted the planet Saturn will also be exalted. These two planets are the rescuers of Kali Yuga (Yuga means Era or Epoch). People will not be righteous in this yuga and they will be away from spirituality and moral ethics the right person will not be rewarded. To rescue from the clutches of Kali Yuga, we need the continued existence and teachings of Lord Saturn and the Fortune of Jupiter.

The planets Saturn and Jupiter are the planets that rescue the people from the sins and show them the right way to attain wealth, prosperity and spiritual bliss. Saturn channelizes the Sasa Yoga. Participate in the group rituals to Saturn at the AstroVed Fire Lab and Remedy center on July 20th and 27th and receive His blessings.

What Will I Receive?

Astrological Significance

“Making use of opportunities is inviting wealth and popularity”. Sasa yoga is supported by the aspect of Jupiter until June 19th, 2014. As per Astrology rules, when there is a connection between Jupiter and Saturn there will be more job opportunities and the labor market will see an upside move. The jobless claims will come down taking the economy to upside.

Out of all the 9 planets, if Saturn decides to give wealth the other 8 planets cannot block it, such powerful is SATURN.

The Benefits of Sasa Yoga:

  • Gives power and authority in your sphere of life
  • Good career life
  • Professional benefits
  • Good health and Longevity
  • Can accomplish any task
  • Commands everything and anyone to get things done
  • Financial prosperity through profession or job

Lord Saturn

Saturn is the most powerful of all planets. He is matchless in giving good and bad fortunes. The bad fortunes are often in terms of hardships in material life - loss of job, business, money, health and in general every loss. The good fortune categories are the opposite of all mentioned above. The bad fortune created by Saturn, although is educational, giving the person a valuable perspective on life; the pain that he brings with the changes is formidable and can be dealt with & lessened. Participate in the Rituals to Saturn and receive His blessings to have a successful career.

Saturn Pooja Kit

Pooja Remedy to Saturn is important as this planet is ‘The Agent of Your Karma’. Especially but not exclusively, when you are running your Saturn Dasha or Bukti, have Saturn in your 8th house and of course when you are running your 7 ½ year phase of Sade Sati. Make use of the Saturn Pooja kit for your remedy.

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