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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Free Homa: Miraculous Blessings Moola Mantra Invocation

    i feel relaxed , peace and connected . thank you very much

    Ultimate Wealth Package on Diwali Day

    Thank you well done indeed. Very satisfied.

    Kubera Yantra


    One Year Detailed Career Report

    The report is divided into intervals of 2-3 months. Each interval 'mini-report' lays out issues and challenges that you may face during that time period. It also lays out potential benefits and good things that may happen. There are also remedies suggested to mitigate the issues and challenges. It's like having a road map and a whether report before you leave on a trip. Keep in mind that we always have free will, so nothing is set in stone. If we know it is going to rain, we always have the free will to bring an umbrella and rain jacket with us for protection. We are not helpless and that is the value of this report to empower us.

    Jupiter Pooja

    This pooja is a mini shield that can protect one from hurdles. I have experience good results and I wish to learn how to make them last longer.

    Detailed Student and Educational Assessment for One Year (10% Discount)

    Very good thank you

    Grand Rudra Homa Wish Fulfilling Package

    I have a wish. I prayed after wearing the Rudrasham you have sent. I am awaiting for the result. I am not worried about wealth. I am praying for health to improve. But sufferings has to be undergone as they are the blessings of God. There is no like or dislilke to be expressed. Astroved is doing good and auspicious rituals. Instead of doing at home it is online. Rudra homa and chaning of mantra transmitted thro the prasad which I believe in good faith.

    Airavatham (White Elephant) Statue

    It was something new My family liked it

    Energized 5 Metal Vel

    I and my family very happy with vel lord of victory. I believe vel will bring happyness in our bussiness and will increasemy sale in bussiness though it has started increasing

    Kubera Yantra

    I have been receiving lump sums of money helping me to reach monetary goals in increments. Also this magic square is very important in my mathematical world. The magic number 72 sums to the magic 9's

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