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Merge with the Energies of Indisputable Warrior
Rama Navami 2015: March 28th IST

Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, took a human form to save the earth from the evil forces of the age. Rama symbolizes truth, purity and righteousness living. The very word ‘Rama’ is a powerful mantra, having power to elevate the lives of those suffering due to their karma.

The energy of Lord Rama is in abundance on his birthday. Offer your sincere prayers to the Lord on this special day to awaken the energy of indisputable warrior within yourself.

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Power Rituals for Ram Navami 2015

Essential Rama Navami Rituals Package
  • Group Fire Ritual to Lord Rama at AstroVed fire lab on Mar 28th (IST)
Essential Rama Navami

March 28th is Lord Rama’s birthday. The energies of the Lord will be abundant for those who want to connect with him. Participating in group fire ritual on this auspicious day will allow you to convey your sufferings, limitations to the supremely powerful Lord and seek his blessings. Oblations made to Agni, the fire God along with fervent recitation of Vedic hymns will invoke the energies of Lord Rama and relieve you from your sufferings.

What Will I Receive?

Enhanced Rama Navami Rituals Package

This Enhanced Package Includes all Products & Services contained in the above Essential Package plus the following:

  • Archana to Lord Rama at His powerspot on Mar 28th (IST)
  • 10008 Mantra writing – “Sri Rama Jayam”
Enhanced Rama Navami

Participate in the enhanced Rama navami rituals. Lord Rama symbolizes truth, purity and righteousness. He helps his devotees overcome limitations and sufferings in life so that they can experience a better and a superior life. A group fire ritual and an archana to Lord Rama on his birthday will invoke his energies to bless you with the courage and intelligence to overcome your problems.

Writing mantras is an effective method to develop concentration and attract the flow of positive energies. On your behalf a proxy person will write the sound “Sri Rama Jayam”, 10008 times to bring you the blessings of Lord Rama. You will find relief from all your sufferings and obstacles in life.

What Will I Receive?
Premier Rama Navami Rituals Package

Note: This Premier Package includes all Products & Services contained in the above  Enhanced Package plus the following: (Group fire ritual will be replaced with Individual fire ritual)

  • Individual fire ritual to Lord Rama at AstroVed fire lab on Mar 28th (IST)
Premier Rama Navami

Participate in the Premier Rama Navami rituals. Offering a fire ritual to the Lord on his birthday is the best way to connect with his energies. During a fire ritual various types of herbs, oil and other substances are poured in the holy fire along with the recitation of Vedic hymns. The energies of Lord Rama will be invoked to bring you his blessings to awaken his qualities within yourself.

Archana to the Lord along with the mantra writing “Sri Rama Jayam” will further enhance the divine protection on you.

What Will I Receive?

Significance of Rama Navami 2015

Rama Navami is on March 28th, 2015. It is a Saturday, an auspicious day for Vishnu. The Rama avatar is signified by the planet Sun.

On this special day the Moon will be in the star Punarvasu, in the sign Gemini. Mars will be in the 11th House from the Moon, Jupiter in the 2nd House and Saturn in the 6th House in retrograde motion.

The star Punarvasu gives you the ability to strive towards a desire or ambition. It activates your creative abilities and brings harmony.

The 11th House position of Mars indicates that there will be positive energy for the fulfillment of pending desires. Saturn in the 6th House will remove obstacles and the position of Jupiter in the 2nd House will bring prosperity and vision in life.

Importance of celebrating Rama Navami

Lord Rama, the 7th avatar of Vishnu, is an embodiment for pure thoughts and noble virtues. He is an undisputable warrior for the mankind. He is known for his truthfulness, obedience, respect, love, care, virtuousness, egoless nature and also for being a strong and humble individual. He annihilated the demon king Ravana, which symbolizes destruction of evil energies in our lives. Rama sacrificed more than any Avatar, absorbing human suffering in totality and Rama Navami presents the ultimate time to pray to Rama for material and spiritual progress.

Celebration of birthday of Avatars brings hope, we can awaken their energy to accomplish what they did or what they represent Lord Rama’s blessings dispels low energy and low thinking, provides clarity of thoughts, improves courage and willpower. It is considered auspicious to carry out a fast on this day to build willpower and self discipline.

On this sacred day, writing or chanting the mantra 'SRI RAMA JAYAM' is considered to be very auspicious. You can write this 1008 times to ensure that you are protected from all dangers and have a prosperous year ahead. Better still, you can provide an opportunity for a spiritually oriented person to initiate this task for you on the sacred 'Sri Rama Navami' day.

The blessings of Lord Rama are present in abundance during the time of Rama Navami. He will bless you with material comforts, affluence, wealth and good health in life.