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Rahu-Ketu Transit

Rahu Transits To Scorpio, Ketu Transits To

What Does The Snake Planet Transit Mean For LIBRA?

This transit is a 'favorable' transit for the world in general. The global economy will improve and 'evils' will get flushed out etc. However there are some 'unfavorable' experiences in store for some individuals. People born in the leo moon sign, will experience a unfavorable transit. This will last for the next 1.5 years.

Prescribed 'Snake Planet' remedies will strengthen your Moon so that you can take full advantage of the 'favorable' or get the antidote for the 'unfavorable' snake bite.

General Predictions Chart For LIBRA (UNFAVORABLE) :

-Rahu in 2nd & Ketu in 8th house
  • Sudden improvement in financial condition
  • Contact with influential people in the society especially in foreign places
  • Good name and fame in society
  • More practical and endurance and perseverance
  • Physical troubles and ailments related to eyes, mouth and face
  • Separation from spouse and loss of reputation of spouse
  • Fear of assaults and defame from family members
  • Opposition from Public.

Note on the Node Transits: The Mean Transit

Rahu and Ketu are mathematical intersection point between the Moon's course and the Earth's course around the Sun. When the earth wobbles it would appear that the Moon is slightly shift its position roughly upto 1 degree. The 1 degree wobble happens in 2 months.

So the first touch, 'True', of Rahu and Ketu to the sign Scorpio and Taurus respectively is May 2nd, 2011 however it is only a knock of the door. The midpoint , 'Mean', of Rahu and Ketu enters Scorpio on June 6th and its full impact can be felt in your life.

This is not new to planetary transits. Even the transits of Jupiter and Saturn can be felt by you up to several months prior to their transit date as they approach their new sign but certainly once the planets are in the sign fully, their impacts are indisputable. The

entry of Rahu and Ketu is the actual entry into a sign.

Dr. Pillai Speaks on the Rahu/Ketu Transit

"Astronomically Rahu and Ketu are not planets but the North and South nodes of the Moon. Nevertheless, according to Vedic Astrology, they are considered shadow planets or Nodes of the Moon.

They don't have Houses in the Zodiac but they acquire power from the House where they occupy. For instance Rahu and Ketu are moving into Scorpio and Taurus respectively. Rahu will get the power of Mars who is the Lord for Scorpio. Similarly Ketu will get the power of Venus who is the Lord of Taurus.

For example, those who are born with a Scorpio Moon (Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyestha) will be affected by Rahu the most for the next 1.5 years. There will be unexpected loss, disappointments, health issue etc. The same will happen for the Taurus born (Krittika, Rohini and Mrigasira).

Moon Signs that have the probability to experience 'favorable' affects during the Rahu Ketu Transit are: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Moon Signs that have the probability to experience 'unfavorable' affects during the Rahu Ketu Transit are: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

A vortex dedicated to the 1000-headed snake called Adi Shesa is endowed with the power to mitigate and dissolve all kinds of snake afflictions due to Rahu-Ketu. In addition the vortex will also bring blessings from the ancestors, Rishis and Gods in order to deal with our human problems. The energy center is dedicated to both Vishnu and Shiva.

Satguru Venkataraman Siddha has published the mythical history of this place. He has mentioned that the vortex has helped divine personalities to remember their past lives. Those who want to know about their past life can visit or do poojas by proxy at this energy center"

Note: Dr. Pillai dictated this in Rahu kala!

As per Siddha tradition text, Rahu is exalted in Scorpio and Ketu is debilitated in Taurus. Rahu is the karmic aggregator and Ketu is the dispenser. Rahu pulls together our current life karmas based on our previous births' karmas and Ketu show the manner in which we will go through that karma in this life (the way). Rahu's reported exaltation in Scorpio supports the theory of Karma and transformation in that Scorpio is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac that signifies transformation. When a planet becomes exalted it means that the planet influences the person to dharma and removes the materialistic desire from him. When a planet gets debilitated it influences materialistic matters into one's life and removes the dharma or spiritual consciousness.

The planet Ketu enters the sign Taurus which is the 2nd sign of natural zodiac signifying the materialistic acquisitions and it is also the sign of Venus. Thus for those with Taurus Moon, but generally for the world population as well, Ketu in Taurus will create more materialistic desires.

When analyzed in global perspective this transit of Rahu and Ketu would impact as follows. This exaltation of Rahu in Scorpio would cause further natural disasters like Tsunami, earthquakes in sea, nuclear disasters and would make people to go very negative in their ethics. Ketu debilitated in Taurus would affect the advisory panel of great people to take erratic decisions, many businesses would suffer due to lack of intellectual and intelligent strategies. But as Ketu is debilitated in the house of Venus, solutions would ultimately be found for the problems created.

Just as the nucleus of a cell carries genetic baggage in the form of a strand of DNA, the nucleus of a horoscope is the Rahu/Ketu axis, carries our karma- or soul genetics. (The DNA chain appears like two snakes twisted which symbolizes Rahu and Ketu).

Access their secrets now during this transit and be able to understand (or rather 'inner stand') the structure your karma and affect a change or re-structuring.