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6 Pradoshams - 3 months/2 per month

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Pradosham times are the windows of opportunity to remove Karma or karmic energies that limit our potential in this current life. Be in a meditative mode during Pradosham time and use the powerful chant of "Thiru Neela Kantam" Participate in this powerful Anointing Ceremony/Abhishekam to remove your Karma or karmic energies.

The twilight is the time of Shiva when he absorbs the day and night, good and evil and all opposites into oneness. This time of transition is also one of transcendence. The twilight time is also called End Time when earth ends. No one can afford to miss this powerful time on a daily basis.

The times occur daily as well as on 13th Moons.

Pradosham timings provide the ideal opportunities to dissolve karmas. Be in a meditative mode during pradosham time and use the powerful chant of "Thiru Neela Kantam" Since we accrue karmas every day, karma removal is an ongoing process; quite like cleaning your house or brushing your teeth.

These Karma Busting windows of opportunities called Pradoshams occur daily and on 13th Moons.

Why Have Karma Removed?

The ultimate purpose of our human life is God realization. This is an often repeated statement. But Siddhas tell you that you can get to your life purpose only when your karma has been wiped clean, and the time is ripe for grace to flow to you. When that happens an intense flowering happens, and both the material and spiritual worlds open up for you. You have a choice then on the abundance that you are presented with.

Whether you take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain: you have to completely eliminate your karma to even to get there. Pradosham rituals give a great opportunity to build a road to prosperity and true happiness.