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Planetary Transits

The study of planets, their patterns and their movement, is the basis of all astrological interpretations. Planets are ever-changing and so are the good and bad times in our life. The study of these ever-changing planets is important to gauge what kind of consequences it can bring on our lives. The ancient science of Vedic astrology has various tools to calculate the transit duration of each planet, its consequences and the effective remedies through which we can lessen or neutralize the negative tendencies that we are prone to face during the transit time. Our articles on planetary transits will educate you about the importance of each transit and its consequence in our life. The outcome of a transit may vary for individuals on the basis of their Nakshatras or Moon sign or the position of the transiting planet in their birth chart. We will be taking up specialized reports on individual Nakshatras or Moon Signs and the procedures to follow to lessen the negative influences of these transits.

Jupiter enters In Leo 2015

Jupiter enters Leo 2015Jupiter will move into Zodiac sign Leo, which is ruled by Jupiter`s best friend, Sun. The time when Jupiter enters Leo, it will be a great moment of auspiciousness that ushers in good beginnings.

Saturn’s Transit in Scorpio – Nov 2nd, 2014

Saturn Transit in ScorpioWhenever Saturn changes his location in a zodiac sign, he makes astrologers sit up and notice. They become conscious of the major changes the transit will bring about in the lives of each and everyone.

Transit Of Mars, Mercury And Venus In May

Major Transits in MayTransit of planets brings about mingling and fusion of new vibes and energies. Transits bring about change and transformation. Every time a planet travels through a sign, the nakshatras or stars they meet on their way creates a unique atmosphere or exchange of energies.

Effects of 7 1/2 Sani

Effects of SunYou feel the strong presence of Saturn when he enters your Zodiac sign every thirty years in your life. Every time you enter or about to enter the Seven and a half years of Saturn, a fear of a portending danger strikes you. It appears as if a stern ring-master is going to rule your life for the next few years in complete defiance of your wishes. Know this ring-master with a better understanding of his personality.

Effects and Significance of Sun in Leo

Sun in LeoThe transit of planet Sun into Zodiac Leo heralds a new beginning. Sun stays in this sign for a period of one month, every year. Sun infuses one with the power of determination, sheer will, regality, keen focus to progress and achieve, in terms of material and spiritual betterment. Vishnupati occurs on the day of the transit, August 17th this year- a day that has to be ideally spent in Vishnu consciousness. The day also has strong planetary combinations of wealth with yogas like, ubhayachari yoga, varishta yoga, gajakesari yoga and chandramangala yoga.Prayers to the Sun God all through the month would help one acquire immense merits and good fortune to lead a life rooted in strength and power.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury Retrograde LibraMercury holds the key for impeccable communication and clear thinking. Its transit in the friendly sign Libra will be good for some and a learning experience for others. What will the transit bring for you?