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Mercury Pooja

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Why Mercury Pooja

Mercury concerns the mind, and your sign and house position influences the mysterious way you put it all together. It determines how you make sense of your world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Your speech patterns, communication style, sense of humor, quickness of thought – all these are flavored by the position of your Mercury.

In the infinite variety of life, Mercury determines your fascinations, what kinds of puzzles you’ll want to work out, where you’d like to focus your mind power. Mercury’s influence on how you think can steer your career path, since you’ll likely be drawn to areas in which your mind thrives and excels!

Mercury Pooja and the Deity

Mercury is the planet of knowledge. He bestows you with wisdom and wealth and is ruled over by Lord Maha Vishnu.

Recommended Timings for Mercury Pooja

Can be done on Wednesdays and in Mercury Hora, and any auspicious Tithi.

Mantra for Mercury Pooja

Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah 

Appease Mercury to know the tone and timber of your life!

  • Succeed in rational and logical thinking
  • Turn out to be quick, instinctive and inspirational
  • Set for yourself an intuitive and emotional filter
  • Evolve to be pragmatic and concrete
  • Understand and maximize your imaginative potential
  • Share your unique gift of expression