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Rahu Fire Lab (Homa)

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WhyRahu Fire Lab(Homa)?

Rahu is a Nodal planet. It does not own any sign in the natural zodiac. However, it acts as an agent for the owner of the sign in which it is placed and also as an agent for the overlord of the star in which it is placed. Rahu when placed in fiery signs would render a fierce nature and will exploit all subjects with an aggressive thirst of quest.

Often, Rahu is extroverted, affirming, and ambitious. Rahu's transits show where someone is likely to expand, try new things and disperse their energy into materialistic pursuits.

Rahu Homa and the Deity

Rahu makes your life stronger. He is instrumental in strengthening your power and converting even any enemy into your friend.

Recommended Timings forRahu Fire Lab(Homa)

The Rahu Kalams that fall on Saturdays and Sundays are the most suitable periods to conduct aRahu Fire Lab(Homa).

Mantra forRahu Fire Lab(Homa)

Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah

Benefits ofRahu Fire Lab(Homa)

  • Go after the life you want and get it
  • Take the life you have and improve it
  • Take any circumstance you're in and make it work for you