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Karuppasamy: The God of Justice Will Guard You from Evils

Karuppasamy is a speaking God. Generally speaking, “Speaking God” is an oxymoron because God does not speak, but Karuppasamy is an exception. He is considered a demi-god because he lives in the space between heaven and earth. He is similar to the concept of boddhisatva- a human being who became evolved and after death refused to go to heaven but made a commitment to stay in space closer to the earth plane. His commitment to the human beings is phenomenal. His powers are quite miraculous.

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Powerful rituals for Karuppasamy

What Will I Receive?
What Will I Receive?

Karuppasamy- The God of Justice

Karuppasamy is called the God of Justice as He has zero tolerance towards evil. Being closer to the earth plane makes him more compassionate to the sufferings of the people. You cannot expect that level of performance from the higher Gods.

Karuppasamy’s commitment to justice and righteousness has created a unique place for him in the village pantheon of South India. He does not demand anything from human beings including a temple for him. He is satisfied with small offerings of food and incense. However, he is particular his devotees do charity work, especially feeding the poor in large numbers. Feeding the poor is the most pleasing act for him.

He is particularly active on: New Moon days, Full Moon days and 8th waning Moons. But one can call him anytime. As an universal archetype, Karuppasamy is seen in many cultures. I have observed that he shares many characteristics with the following deities in different traditions:

Guan Di – in China
Eliahu– In Judaism
St. George - In Christianity

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The way to identify him in any tradition is to look for the following qualities. A formidable hero carrying a sword, riding on a horse (sometimes white) and quite ferocious in his looks He is hundred percent a just God and is equally compassionate.

The following are his attributes:

  • He is the God of truth
  • He is the God of justice
  • He is the God of compassion
  • He is the God of punishment
  • He is the protector
  • He is the boon giver
  • He solves family problems
  • He promotes sibling relationship
  • He promotes parent- children relationship
  • He controls alcoholism and drugs
  • He cures illness miraculously.
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Karuppasamy is easily accessible

Anybody can reach out to Karuppasamy without an intermediary. You can establish an altar for him in your house or apartment. Call on him at 8.20 pm. He visits the earth plane 8.20 pm every day. You can give him whatever offering you like to give and place your problems to him for solving.

Karuppasamy Mantra from Dr. Pillai

Om Kalki Karuppaswamy Vidmahe
Dasavaataraya Dimahi
Tanno Aadhi Sivayasya Aadhi Aadhi Prachodayat