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Fire Ritual - Live Webcast

Group Jupiter Homa/Fire Ritual - Live Webcast

Jupiter is considered to be the teacher of mankind who governs religion and spiritualism. Lord Jupiter or Lord Guru blesses you with education and knowledge. He is known to affect you unfavorably on occasions when he occupies certain positions in your horoscope. Jupiter pooja or Jupiter Homa especially during the Guru Horas on Thursdays helps you get success in all your endeavors.

Homas or Fire Rituals is a ritual of sacrifice using fire, helping us to reach out to the Divine, or highest intelligences by offering specific 'sacrifices' into the sanctified fire. Fire lends itself to be the main communication between humans and the Divine. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. You can change the course of your life by intervening, interrupting and influencing the cosmic energies.

Performing Jupiter Homa/Fire Ritual is extremely beneficial and will help you understand and maximize your imaginative potential. Jupiter is the only planet that is empowered to nullify any affliction that is caused by the other planets around. It is said that if Jupiter blesses a person; it would nullify millions of negative influences. Jupiter Homa helps you set a standardized living. Participating in Jupiter Homa will help you turn out to be an inspiration to your friends and siblings.

LIVE WEBCAST Group Jupiter Homa

Now, you can directly receive the blessings of Lord Jupiter through this group Jupiter Homa/Fire Ritual. Get loaded with the source of knowledge by participating in this LIVE WEBCAST Group Jupiter Homa.