Jupiter the Great Benefic & Wealth Creation
Jupiter Direct in Gemini: March 6th, 2014 IST

Every transit of Jupiter, the lord of Fortune, from one sign to another sets the stage of human consciousness for the resulting period. Now, Jupiter turns direct in Gemini on March 6th and will remain there till June 19th, 2014. Participating in the well-timed rituals for Jupiter will give you the power boost to support your aggressive and successful growth in specific areas of your life. It will also prevent or lessen the harmful effects that are coming your way.

There is a saying in Vedic Astrology, "A good Jupiter erases a million sins." How does Jupiter erase your sins? He does it by making you conscious. He is your higher intelligence, this means that you can correct a lot of problems in life by using your head and staying conscious. Jupiter is the divinity within you, plus Jupiter makes you practical. A good Jupiter will cause you to save money, to invest wisely, to pursue higher education and to have children. The things that Jupiter brings into your life lasts a long time: children, knowledge, growth of consciousness, and lasting wealth.

Jupiter is the essence of our civilization as a whole: Law, Education, Philosophy, Wisdom, Tradition, History and Classical Arts. His move has a great impact on you and on the world.

Jupiter is the Largest and Most Virtuous

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Jupiter is a large planet and moves very slowly, but when it makes a move, its impact is unique. In our Solar System, it is Jupiter whose heavy gravitational field protects the earth from bombarding asteroids and sling-shots them back into outer space. This is a planet who grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births. As a heavy planet, Jupiter also expands your physical weight depending on the transit.

But, when Jupiter is unfavorably placed, i.e. when he cannot protect you, you are more prone to inner fears, detractions from others who could harm your reputation, and loss of opportunities for wealth. In some cases, without proper awareness and prevention, long term problems could be created in your life which requires much time and energy to reverse.

Significance of Jupiter

  • Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life.
  • It is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.
  • Among all the planets, Jupiter alone has the greatest power to grant wish and fulfill our ambitions.
  • Matters governed by Jupiter are: Wealth, Children, Knowledge, Spirituality, Honest attitude, Popularity, Dharma (Righteousness), Gold, High positions, Guru, Power, Reputation, Ghee, Butter, Sweet, Honey, Yellow Sapphire, Laws, Liver, Sanskrit Language, Priest, Holy people, Numeric Number-3.
  • Advancement in spirituality is impossible unless the purity of heart is maintained with higher thoughts. Jupiter alone can help to have progress in this direction.

How Jupiter Retrograde will Impact You?

Moon Sign Favorable Unfavorable
Aries Jupiter is transiting in your 3rd house and it could bring sudden benefits. If you are associated with foreign country then you may get good results. Students will get desired results in their academic year. Travelling to religious places is on the cards. Your elder siblings would prove to be benefic in many ways. Avoiding short project may give you good results. In this period, you have to act cautiously and you should be much attentive to get rid of profession related problems. Parent’s health might be your concern, so medical expenses can become a concern. You will require courage and confidence to handle situations with calm. Unwanted expenses are likely to crop up in your business. Avoid unwanted/harsh words in your speech.
Taurus Jupiter is transiting in your 2nd house; it shows that unexpected fiscal gains will bring you bliss. Inheritance could be the form of unforeseen gains. Your level of fitness will be better and you may find yourself getting involved in mysterious subjects. Promotions are on the cards. Your oratory skills will fetch you good gains. Confrontations with people will arise due to egoistic exchange of words. Be attentive about your father’s health. You will feel low on self-confidence. Being watchful about the words you are speaking, will help you avoid confusions. Siblings and mates will not be around for support. Business related people should be quite careful, in this period.
Gemini Jupiter is transiting in your 1st house and it indicates that spiritual activities will give you clarity in life. There will be occasions when you will feel proud of your children. Starting of a new venture is on the cards. Travelling to religious places may bring you peace of mind. Your knowledge level would be enriched and you would be inclined to develop new hobbies. Be careful about the unfavorable signs of your health. Take up hard work as your motto to achieve success in your profession. Relationship with your mother can get disrupted and this might spoil your domestic happiness. You have to be cautious in driving; rashness should be avoided.
Cancer Jupiter is transiting in your 12th house and it shows that you would be able to conquer your enemies or competitors. Your income would increase but you should donate some amount to religious places. Domestic environment would be good and you would be getting virtuous results through your vocation. If you are planning to study abroad, then this particular period will be favorable for taking you to your desired destinations for higher studies. You may have to attend to your father’s health-related issues. Theft and losses are on the cards. Relationship with your spouse will be strained, so try to work out means to handle them. Unwanted expense may disrupt your mind and due to this, your fitness level could be afflicted. Avoid condemning anything in your personal life to enjoy good things in life.
Leo Jupiter is transiting in your 11th house and it shows good gains from children, life partner and siblings. You will have renewed interest in speculation and trading to a certain extent. Couples would be blessed with progeny. Your intuitions will bring benefic results. In this period, you will become quite wise and knowledgeable. You will be interested in spending quality time with your friends. Worries of debts may disturb you, and this state of mind will make you uncomfortable. For students, obstacles may prevent them from getting scholarship. Control on your emotions will bring sanctity of mind. You have to work out on preserving your level of intimacy with your dear ones to enjoy balance in personal life.
Virgo Jupiter is transiting in 10th house and it shows that you would be getting good prospects in your professional front. A new person will join your family either through marriage, birth or due to new friendship. Pending legal issues would get resolved and you may get to enjoy gains through your father. Your financial situation and status will improve. If you are in partnership business, then you will be able to reap good profits. Avoid separation from your life partner, as it would make you more frustrated. You will be low on energy. Children will be your main cause of concern. Try to straighten out the confusions between you and your partner. Overall, your association with others would be average and you will not bond with them for long term relationship.
Libra Jupiter is transiting in your 9th house and it shows extraordinary impact on your profession. Travelling will fetch you good gains. Pending work would be completed and due to this, you will be able to enjoy peaceful sleep. Your level of fitness will improve. You would be getting opportunities to enrich your skill traits and improve your knowledge. Confusions and errors of perception regarding you may crop up in the mind of your father/family members. Emotional agitation is also possible. Financial stability might be shaken but handling with proper care will bring good results. You have to work hard and clear misunderstanding between your relatives but do not involve yourself in it because it may tarnish your image.
Scorpio Jupiter is transiting in your 8th house and it indicates that some sorts of auspicious event may take place in your home. Moreover there are indications that you could be getting gains through inheritance. You will have good rapport and support with your family especially from your mother. If you are planning to buy a new property, vehicle, or jewels, then this time period is quite promising. In this period, trading and speculation should be avoided. Progeny issue could be present, so getting proper medication will give good results. Unwanted expenses are foreseen and it could be for your siblings. Clashes with friends and father may occur. Your motivation level would be quite less in this period.
Sagittarius Jupiter is transiting in your 7th house and it shows that entering into a new venture may fetch you good gains. Romance is in the air and due to this you will cherish your mood. Your desires will be fulfilled. In this period, your siblings would be a big support for you. You may get some sorts of benefit from your neighbors. If you are involved in love with someone, then this period would prove to be favorable for you. You may not get recognized even if you put in hard work. Issues regarding property may crop up. Sudden expenditure may imbalance your financial condition. You may suffer from inferiority complex; try to overcome from it. Insecurity could be present in your mind towards your profession/vocation. Try to work on your negative impacts to overcome worries.
Capricorn Jupiter is transiting in your 6th house and it indicates that long travel would prove to be beneficial. In this period, if you are planning to invest your hard earned money in desired sectors, there are chances that you would be able to reap good profits from investments. You may get favor from administrative sector. At this time, you could be repaying your old debts. Charity will bring you mental peace. Meeting renowned people may benefit you in some way or the other. Being lethargic will make you less on confidence. Medical expenses may take place on a high scale. In this period, lending money is not advisable, especially to your relatives because there are indications that you would not be getting that money back or repayment of the amount would be delayed.
Aquarius Jupiter is transiting in your 5th house and it shows that your desires would be fulfilled and you may get noble friends. Involvement in speculations may prove to be benefic to a certain extent. Your fitness level will improve and you would be enjoying good health. You would be getting appreciation and respect from your relatives and associates. Students would be able to get good recognitions and you may try for higher education without any hurdles. Your secret enemies can make your life difficult and you have to beware from your competitors to avoid confusions in your life. Moreover, at this time, investment should be avoided. You have to be quite attentive and focused in your professional front. You may make unwanted expenses for entertainment.
Pisces Jupiter is transiting in your 4th house. Your status in the society will improve. Promotion is also on the cards. Professional trip will bring good monetary gains. You will be blessed with better comforts of life. Buying new property and getting gains from inheritance is also indicated. Those who are staying abroad would be able to come back to their home land and they will witness some happier moments in their personal life. Clashes with your father may leave you frustrated. Support from friends will be missing and your associates can be the cause of certain loss. You may have minor injuries, so be cautious while driving or travelling. You may have to face lot of expenses and it could be due to the maintenance of your vehicle or property. Others may try to manipulate you for their gain, so you have to be quite cautious.