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Jupiter Direct in Taurus: Increase Your Wealth Consciousness

Jupiter is Direct in Taurus, which gives us a chance to improve our financial profile. It also provides relief from whatever problems faced by the people with Moon sign Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Jupiter rules wealth and education while Taurus rules material comforts and luxury. Jupiter’s move is a time to be alert and actively work with Jupiter’s Wealth energy. So Jupiter can increase our level of wealth and He can also give us a new understanding of wealth and how to increase it.

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What Will I Receive? What Will I Receive?

 We are offering special rituals to Jupiter on April 11th as it is very special.

April 11th- The Moon will be in the sign Aries and the planet Jupiter will be in the second sign to Moon, which is good.

Jupiter: The Guardian

Jupiter is the largest planet and moves slowly. When it does make a move it is a move felt by all. In our Solar System, it is the largest planet and it’s heavy gravitational field pulls in bombarding asteroids and sling-shots them back into outer space before reaching earth. This is a planet who grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.

Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life. All planets can bring wealth but Jupiter brings more wealth with understanding.

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Recommendations for Strengthening your Jupiter and receive his blessings. Here are some ways you can do it for free and daily:

1) Perform Virtual Pooja for Jupiter 108 times
2) Light a ghee lamp for Jupiter
3) Recite the mantra “Om Guruve Namaha” 108 times on Thursdays. The above mantra should be recited in morning. You can also strengthen Jupiter by reading about miracles and spiritual articles or books.

So offer Prayers to Lord Jupiter and Receive His Blessings!

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