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Taurus Career Weekly Horoscope (December 4th 2016 - December 10th 2016)

2016-12-04 You will be subjected to heavy work pressure for the day. It is important to be very attentive in your work as there may be chances to commit errors. You need to organize work schedules for efficient results.

2016-12-05 Heavy work pressure will be present for the day. You need to work with organized schedules to see productive results. Difference of opinion with your colleagues may be possible.

2016-12-06 You will be able to find good improvement in your work pattern. Your work will gain admiration from your colleagues and superiors.

2016-12-07 You will be able to finish your work on time as you will enjoy your work. Your superiors will appreciate your good performance. This will make you very happy.

2016-12-08 You will receive support from your superiors who will appreciate your work. Your skills will be highly recognized. You will be able to exhibit your talents in work.

2016-12-09 You will have good scope to achieve stupendous success from your work. You will also derive extra benefits from your work.

2016-12-10 You will find success in work only out of your hard efforts. You will face more delays in carrying out your work. This may cause worries in you.

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