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Taurus General Weekly Horoscope (April 30th 2017 - May 6th 2017)

2017-04-30 This is said to be the most peaceful day for you. You will look to be more comfortable. Satisfaction will be fully possible for you. You will feel as if you have achieved something bigger.

2017-05-01 You may face stress for the day. It will be good for you to go for a change by listening to music which can give relief for you. Pick out the best options that is available for you in the form of music, recreation and this can give more relief for you.

2017-05-02 You will be witnessing fine atmosphere for the day. Your energy levels will be high and you will show more enthusiasm. You will find success in your self-development. This day will be good for you for taking major decisions.

2017-05-03 Ideal day for your progress. You will be able to learn the realities of life. You will face new experience which will give more delight for you..

2017-05-04 The day will present situations where you need to keep yourself happy and be away from stress. Be more casual and flexible in your approach. You may find it difficult to have focus and concentration in your activities.

2017-05-05 The day will present challenging situations. To keep yourself relaxed, it will be good for you to watch movies and have good entertainment.

2017-05-06 You have to use your intelligence in making the day favorable. You have to be very practical in your approach. it will be good for you to restrain from taking major decisions. Patience is something you need to have in abundance.

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