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Taurus General Weekly Horoscope (October 23rd 2016 - October 29th 2016)

2016-10-23 The day will see you active and busy. You will possess a passion to excel in all spheres for the day. You will maintain an optimistic approach. This will help you achieve your aims and objectives for the day.

2016-10-24 The day will yield progressive results. You will be able to achieve your goals and realize your potential. You will become renowned for your communicative abilities.

2016-10-25 The day will present many challenging situations to handle. You need to be patient and determined for the day. Avoid negative feelings and think positively to see better results. You may be seen restless in your in your actions. Try to stay calm and composed.

2016-10-26 The day may pose stressful situations. You will be seen in a state of worry and anxiety. You may need to strive hard to achieve your goals. However, with relentless efforts and determination, you can expect to see results in your favor.

2016-10-27 Not much can be expected of the day. It is important to be cautious in all matters of the day. You need to strive hard to achieve your goals. Success in efforts will be hard to find. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

2016-10-28 The day requires you to be cautious in all matters. There may be many challenges to be faced and this will cause worries in you. Your negative feelings will disturb you and will not promote your interests. It is important to overcome them with positive ones. Avoid taking major decisions.

2016-10-29 The day may not be a favorable one. You will be able to derive benefits slowly. Not an encouraging day for witnessing pleasant things. Donメt expect much for the day.

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