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Sagittarius Love Relationship Weekly Horoscope (April 23rd 2017 - April 29th 2017)

2017-04-23 Your talks filled with humor and laughter will greatly please your partner. This will help create better understanding with your partner.

2017-04-24 Matters of personal interests could pose problems with your partner. However, setting aside all differences, both need to sort out issues in an amicable manner.

2017-04-25 It will be good for you to avoid meeting your partner. There might be some heated conversations.

2017-04-26 You will be having a lot of disturbances in your mind and you will show this to your partner. It is vital for you to keep your mind free as this will enable you to maintain happiness.

2017-04-27 You will be subjected to mental disturbances and you will express them to your partner. This will affect the harmony shared with your partner. It is vital for you to keep your mind free in order to maintain happiness.

2017-04-28 You will have a straight forward approach towards your partner. This approach of yours will enable you to maintain better understanding with your partner.

2017-04-29 You will show signs of frustration towards your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to avoid such feelings. This will help to keep the day peaceful.

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