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Sagittarius Love Relationship Weekly Horoscope (December 4th 2016 - December 10th 2016)

2016-12-04 Harmonious relationship will fail to prevail for the day. You are likely to get emotional with your partner. You need to show restraint in your speech as you may utter harsh words to your partner.

2016-12-05 You will have communication problems with your partner. Happiness will fail to prevail in relationship. You need to be gentle and polite during conversations with your partner.

2016-12-06 You will express your love and affection towards your partner. Both will enjoy each other`s presence. Both will rejoice during a wedding of a close friend.

2016-12-07 You will cherish enjoyable moments with your partner. Both will enjoy good times of togetherness during a casual outing. You will have chances to meet new people.

2016-12-08 You will tend to be impulsive and harsh towards your partner. This may dampen the happiness in relationship.

2016-12-09 You may get easily provoked. This may affect the relationship with your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to avoid expressing such feelings to your partner.

2016-12-10 You may not be able share good moments with your partner. Dissatisfaction will be seen in relationship. It is important to understand your partner`s feelings and act accordingly to see happiness in relationship.

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